Fighting Addiction

By Nick 

Life Contributor



I have been addicted to Arnold Palmers for nearly a year now. It started as something fun to do on a calm Monday night. I wasn’t looking for trouble, but soon did I realize I was neck deep in addiction soup.

I came across this drink while I was at a Super America in St. Paul, MN. It was my night off and I was looking to just chill out and feel good. I didnt want to drink beer. Shots were out of the question too. I was sick of pop as well. What’s something that tastes good?

The Arnie Palmer. A mixture of Iced Tea and Lemonade, only a pro golfer could think of. Both drinks, I can’t stand separately, but when combined, it is a wonderland of joy I my mouth. It is as if Jesus made a drink out of his blood and served it to me in a wonderful chalice shaped out of a 24 ounce black can with Mr. Palmer’s picture on it.

The pros of drinking arnie palmers: Great taste, great price (2-24 oz cans for $1 in some places!). The cons: sugar… and the addiction. There are nights where I can not sleep without sipping out of a can of Arnie Palmers. I shake… I literally shake. Its a nightmare. I try switching to apple juice, orange juice, grape soda and milk… but none help me through it.

When you live your life addicted to the can, the oversized can…. you life is no longer in your control.


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I am Ron Mexico.

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