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By Tyler 

Team Booze Hound



I have been watching the new Gordon Ramsay show “Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape”. This show is far and away another example why Gordon is a genius! The show is featured on what I would call one of the best channels ever brought to america, BBC America.

This show is currently featuring Gordon crossing all parts of India learning about curry and how to properly cook traditional and non traditional dishes. He is currently staying at an all vegetarian area of southern India. He is very out of place because the India’s say that vegetarian meal are a way to make your life happier and more calm. Meat is looked at as something that promotes anger in the body. Ramsay is initially just disappointed, but as we find out throughout the hour he develops a great respect for this type of lifestyle…though in the end we all know he wont abandon meat.

I would suggest if you are a food fanatic this is a show you need to take a look at.


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  1. I got the scoop on the next great cooking show “Gordon Ramsay cooks for free at my house”

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