Review: Tiffany Sports Lounge

By Nick 

Team Life Writer

Tiffany Sports Lounge [Website]
2051 Ford Pkwy
St. Paul, MN

Cuisine: Bar and Grill
Dress: Casual
Cost: Economical ($9-12)

We all need a place where “Everybody knows your name”. NBC had Cheers, Bill Clinton had McDonalds, and I have the Tiffany Sports Lounge located in St. Paul, MN. Tiffany’s provides the best beverages, food, environment and straight up fun that every establishment needs.

Atmosphere:  All bars need sports on TV, it’s as simple as that. Tiffany’s is a sport bar, so logically, there are a dozen tvs all over for all patrons to see. With 10-12 seats per side of the bar there isn’t a bad seat in the house   and the music and the lighting makes your experiences here comforting and relaxed.

Food/Drink: Lets talk food. The burgers are the “bomb”… Is that still typical slang? I don’t talk “hip-hop” like all you kids do, but their burgers are really good and one of the main reasons I go to Tiffs.

Their “Tommie Burger”, is the greatest invention of all time. A nice, juicy burger topped with pepper jack cheese, applewood bacon, and their special chipotle ranch sauce. It’s tanginess and spiciness of the sauce is something that ketchup and mustard can not even fathom of understanding. Veggies? Oh yeah, they top the Tommie Burger with jalapenos peppers. Got a craving after a night of drunken mistakes? Trying the Hangover Burger. Its a burger topped with eggs, Hollandaise sauce and cheddar cheese….. with bacon of course.

My 2nd favorite chicken sandwich is also here. The Southwest chicken sandwich has all the delight of the Tommie Burger, but the chicken is served on garlic-basil focaccia bread… Focaccia.. yeah, I said that. What a greatly, underrated bread. I’ve gone on and on and I didnt even mention the hand-cut french fries yet. These greasy masterpieces are lightly salted and the skins off of the fries are also enjoyable and really give a new meaning to “hand cut” greatness.

There are over a dozen different beers on tap, not including many bottle selections that I can’t even fit on this page (well, I could, I just don’t want to). With a daily happy hour and great specials every night, you can never go wrong, whenever you come in here. I prefer the 312 on draft or a Mich. Golden light in a bottle. Life is good when the drinks are great.

Experience:  Great food, comfortable surroundings and excellent service…. Nothing wrong with that is there? Sometimes its hard to find all three of those in the same restaurant… let alone the same city… But Tiffany’s has it all. Check out the fine service that the Tiffany Sport’s Lounge has to offer.

Returnabilty: There’s a reason I come here every Tuesday.

VERDICT [0 to 5 Stars ♦]
Atmosphere: [5/5]
Service: [4/5]
Menu: [4/5]
Food/Drink: [18/20]
Experience: [5/5]
Returnability: [10/10]

EDR Rating: 46/50 ♦


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