Wednesday Win: Italian Dunkers

By Andy 

Team Editor


If you had Italian Dunkers during school lunch when you are a kid, there are two things we know for sure about you:

1) You are awesome.

2) Your school was poor as s***!

At its core, Italian Dunkers are a way for cash strapped school lunch programs to keep meeting their shoe-string budgets while feeding the wild hoards of famished miscreants (students).

Basically you take a hotdog bun, split it open, toss on some garlic salt and all-purpose Italian seasoning, slap on a slice of government-grade mozzerella and throw that puppy under the broiler until melty, goodness ensues. Serve with a side of last Tuesday’s spaghetti and meat sauce and you have a lunch fit for a king… If that king had very loose and improper government nutritional guidelines.

Truth based sarcasm aside, I am a fan of Italian Dunkers (or IDs as the kids in the street say today (or IDizzles if they’re really street)). In fact, they are my second favorite school lunch of all time behind chicken nugget day. But who can really compete with that?

I just want to say to the lunch ladies of the world- Keep cranking out those beautiful, broiled, buns of melty goodness coming… That and wear gloves.


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  1. I really want Italian Dunkers now.

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