Thirsty Thursdays: Booze and Tyler

By Tyler

Team Booze Hound

When I was asked by Andy to be the “Eat.Drink.Repeat.” Booze Contributor, I was excited for the opportunity. Let me start by saying I am no expert, I don’t have any chemistry degrees or one of those fancy Brewing Science diplomas…. Sooo, I sat in thought attempting to figure out what exactly it was about me that garnered the invite?

After much thought into the subject of WHY ME I decided there is only one clear difference between myself and a lot of supposed experts…VOLUME.

I may not be a beer or liquor aficionado but I have been involved in my fair share of beer bongs, booze bongs, and wine bongs, and on many “fall down, drag out” occasions, various combinations of any of the above.

I think those of us who were early risers remember high school when we used drink whatever we can get our hands on as long as it mixed with something that tastes fruity, fizzy, or whatever flavor temporarily blocked your mind from realizing that you just chugged a 5th of Fleishmann’s vodka.

Annnd…I’m sure we all don’t remember “as well“ when college/post high school rolled around and that tasty drink took a side car to drinking whatever, whenever and however much of it took to find the perfect buzz, the ultimate spins, and even develop some late night amateur plumbing skills. (Hell, some of us could qualify for a Plumbing apprenticeship.) Many folks take this period as a learning experience and others, like myself, take it as a time to expand physical skills and capabilities.

Post college for most involves a wife and kids, or knocking up a girl you intend to marry, or one you don’t, forcing you into work you don’t need or want and a situation you probably didn’t envision. All of these situations can be a problem for your standard drinking schedules. Undue stress whether intended or accidental changes drinking for most everyone. From my observation I noticed the stress of “real life” can evoke three different relationships between “you and booze” post college:

1. Drink the Pain Away: This person typically drinks daily or damn close to it. Usually their beer or liquor of choice is something hard and cheap. It kills the pain, washes away all the worries and typically allows the person in question to sleep through the early morning crying.

2. The Big Quit: This person just quits. They are the friend no one really wants to hang out with anymore because its almost like they are afraid of booze. That or they have put themselves in a situation with a sig other who is rather controlling, annoying, or all together wrong for them. The Big Quit is the least socially active of the three types, (until they break up or get divorced…different story).

3. Keeping the Head: This person does both life and booze well. They remember the good times and never takes their office job nor their corporate salary too seriously. This person found a sig other that not only they love but their best buddies enjoy being around. This person has it together 90% of the time, but what makes them great is their ability to party has not been lost. They will never let life get in the way with a beer after work, weekends with the guys/gals or the glory of wedding receptions. They love their life, family, friends, and their booze.

Personally I have been a combination of options 1 and 3 through the first several years post college. But I assure you I am gradually moving toward a permanent option three…I hope ; )…


Tyler is the Booze Contributor for Eat.Drink.Repeat. His column Thirsty Thursdays appears every… well… Thursday for obvious reasons.


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