Happy Hour: Coors Light Home Draft

by andy [Team Editor]

Yes. That is Bacon too.

Name: Coors Light Home Draft
Producer: Molson Coors Brewing Company
Price: $19

Specs: 1.5 gallons of tap beer that stays fresh for 30-days in your home fridge.

Pros: See Specs. Easy set up.
Cons: Does take up a lot of fridge space. On the other side, this could be a new wave diet since you can’t store as much food.



The Coors Light Home Draft combined two things I adore: Coors Light and tap beer.

Holding the equivalent of sixteen 12-ounce beers, the “keg” is a CO2 powered tap attached to a plastic container of beer. For those of you who went to college in Minnesota, the container is similar to that of a party ball.

Set up was easy, a simple twist of the CO2 cartridge and unlocking of the tap was all that separates you from ice-cold tap beer.  

I am Andy and I approve this product.  

Happy Hour is a daily column about the joys of beer, cocktails, and booze in general. It appears every afternoon, Monday-Friday, right here on Eat.Drink.Repeat.


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