The Friday Filipino: Nick. Who Dat?

by nick [Team Life Contributor]

My name is Nick Asuncion. I come from a half Filipino dysfunctional family and I loved every minute of it. Rice was my life. What a good life rice gives. I’m 26 years young and I love food. I’m a large guy thanks to my unhealthy eating habits as a child and lazy lifestyle since high school. Since college however, I have opened my eating habits up to include all sorts of foods. I love pretty much everything except fish (but I do love sushi). So, since College (2003), I consider myself a good food concierge.

Food in general, is amazing. There are so many kinds of foods. I like breaking them down to their ethnicities. Spanish foods break down to Mexican, Tex Mex and Spanish foods., Asian cuisines break down to Chinese, Thai, Japanese and many more. Its incredible when you live in a major city to see how many restaurants there can be. I think eating out is a great way to meet people, try new things, and to feel exotic when you are still stuck in your neighborhood.

Drinks… Obviously college really helps out with this. Ever chug a beer out of a mason jar? Ever beer bong out of an oil funnel? Yes, the joys of college experimentation. Unfortunately, I have gotten out of drinking. While the buzzes are great, the hangovers are not. I rather go out and feel good, then poison myself after every untastey drink. Does that mean I stopped drinking forever? No, of course not. I hang out in bars more than ever. I drink out of respect for the bartenders. I’ll drink a light beer every chance I can get. If im feeling relaxed or if I have the extra cash, I’ll drink a Jameson/7. I like being out at night. Bars are the places to be. You never know what to expect.

Life is short. Why not enjoy a nice meal and a drink while you live the life?


About Ron Mexico

I am Ron Mexico.

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