Review: Osaka– Sushi Bar & Habachi

by nick [Team Life Writer/Filipino]


Osaka Seafood Steakhouse
1675 W County Road C
Roseville, MN 55113
Cuisine: Japanese and Sushi/Hibachi
Dress: Casual
Average Entree Cost: $15-$30


Why does an anti-seafood person like sushi? Sushi isn’t all fish folks. Lets make that clear. Sushi is rice… my life is rice…. so my life is sushi. This last year has been a big year for me into the sushi age. I am becoming a yuppie. So far, it is the best sushi restaurant I have been to in Minnesota. Out of 4 other restaurants I have been to, this place has the best presentation. ********************************************************************************************************

Sushi is about the food, but the clean and creative layout of the maki rolls is also a big deal. I will eventually try the hibachi section once I get an actual date… lately, I just sit at the sushi bar by myself… stupid me and unable to find true love… someday nick… someday…

Honestly, the only downside is the price of sushi. If you go there for a big meal, you will spend $30 alone. So, if price doesn’t bother you… and if Asians with great artistic styling hands don’t creep you out, then Osaka is the place for you.

VERDICT [0 to 5 Stars ♦]
Atmosphere: [4/5]
Service: [4/5]
Menu: [5/5]
Food/Drink: [18/20]
Experience: [5/5]
Returnability: [10/10]
EDR Rating: 46/50 ♦



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