Afternoon Snack: Ode to the McRib *Update*

 by andy [Team Editor]

*UPDATE* On November 2nd, the McRib will return for the first time in 16 years!!!!

Source: Wall Street Journal Online

Joni Mitchell was right. We really don’t know what we got ’til it’s gone.

Such is the story of the McDonald’s McRib. The delicious sandwich, consisting of a boneless patty of unidentifiable pork remnants, pickles, and onions all slathered in bbq sauce, has long been a pawn in McDonald’s game of marketing, product promotion, and overall mind f*cking of the consumer.

Changing it’s mind more than a 17-year old high maintenence girlfriend version of Brett Favre, the evil arches corporation continues to toy with the emotions of the devoted followers of the McRib. The sandwich, which has had more contrived Farewell Tours than Cher, is constantly being removed and brought back from the everyday McDonald’s menu. I do see their reasoning though. Get a massive order of chopped and formed pork “meat” at a rock bottom price and offer a limited supply to a demand heavy public. Profit margins during this short period would far outweigh those if the McRib was offered as a daily menu item. Additionally, they wouldn’t have to put up with market fluctuations in pork price and consumer demand (would you desire something more if you could have it once every two years or everyday?).

Despite understanding the reasoning behind the games, I am still put off that the McRib is seasonal… And by seasonal I mean “Whenever the f*ck they want”.

But I still look forward to the day that the McDonald’s sign appears as so:



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