Tuesday Tartlet: Dessert: A Lust Story.

by eva [Team Dessert Hooker]

Never trust a skinny chef.  That’s the wise old adage.  As logic goes, if you’re not going to trust a skinny man to cook you delicious food, why would you trust a skinny girl to talk about it?

Because I eat a lot.  Trust me. 

 Maybe eating small meals throughout the day really is the way to keep off the weight.  Maybe I don’t have enough fat reserves to tap for energy and I metabolize everything I eat at a very rapid rate.  Maybe I have a tapeworm.

We may never know.  But I do know that I am a food whore who can’t go three hours without eating.  Three?  I probably mean two.  Or an hour and a half.  I buy clothing based on pocket capacity (for snacks).  I always know the location of the vending machines with the good food.  When I’m in charge of making plans, I make plans to go out for dinner.  I plan vacation destinations based on the local cuisine.  My life revolves around eating.  I eat everything. 

Recently, I’ve been working the corner in Sweetsville.  I’ve taken up baking and candymaking.  My sweet tooth has taken over my whole mouth, and I’m working on a cavity collection that will fund my dentist’s next family vacation.  Desserts are my love drug.

So, hello, nice to meet you, my name is Eva and I’m the dessert whore of eatdrinkrepeat.  I thought, as a nice introductory blog entry, I’d ease you in to my obsession by sharing my top 5 restaurant desserts.  These are the things I always scan the menu for, comfortable fall-backs or desserts that control my dreams.

Eva’s Top Five Restaurant Desserts

5. Ice Cream – Okay, I know it’s not very original, but a lot of restaurants make their own ice cream and there are hundreds of flavors out there that sound disgusting but are, in reality, superdelicious.  Also, chances are that I’ve already had an appetizer, salad, meal, and a couple drinks.  There’s always room to melt some ice cream into that party in my stomach and call it a sugary, wonderful, day.

4.  Cheesecake – Cheesecake – My standby.  Creamy, delicious, not too sweet. I’ll take it drowned in fruit or chocolate or powdered sugar, or just plain: creamy cheesecake with a crumbly crust, on a white plate of heaven.  My restaurant cheesecake of choice: Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake from Olive Garden.  It tastes just like autumn, melted into your mouth.  

3. Crème Brule – Crème Brulée – For when I’m feeling fancy.  I love crème brulée.  I love the textures, the taste, and the temperatures.  I could eat crème brulée at any meal. But not that cheapo kind where it’s all custardy and the top isn’t crispy enough.  I don’t want pudding with a weird sugar shell.  I want Crème Brulée in a really shallow dish, with half an inch, if that, of puddingy goodness and then a thick, crisp, burnt sugar top that cracks at the gentlest tap.  Mmmm….

2. Chocolate Lava Cake – Chocolate Lava Cake – I had my first experience with this delectable treat on a Carnival cruise a few years ago.  Out comes a little soufflé dish with chocolate cake, and some powdered sugar, simple right?  No.  A spoon dipped into the center, reveals a hot, gooey, fudgy chocolate center, bitter and sweet and melty.  I’m pretty sure I ordered two with every meal that week.  And since, anytime I see it on a menu, my heart melts.

1.  Sweet Skillet Sensation – This is my ultimate restaurant dessert; perfect to quell even the most intense sugar craving.  Cookie dough is flattened in the bottom of a skillet and then baked just long enough for the top to crisp and the chocolate chips to melt, leaving the majority of the dough hot and gooey.  On top of that, two scoops of rich vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream.  I’ve been to restaurants that add caramel syrup or chocolate or strawberries, the possibilities are endless.  But it all comes down to that hot cookie and cold ice cream.  It’s a race to eat the whole thing before all of the ice cream turns to soup, to enjoy the contrast of the temperatures, and to eat three times the daily recommended amount of sugar in one sitting.

Now that you’ve been introduced to my inner sugar monster, I hope you join me here every week to share in my decadent passion. I’m excited to join the team at EDR to blabber on about my sugar crazed life, but also to hear about your indulgent tastes! What is your favorite restaurant dessert? Is there a dessert I have overlooked, or a new dessert that I should try?

I look forward to sharing cravings, recipes, and reviews with you. Until next Tuesday, I hope you have a sweet week!


Eva is a Polish, a ginger, and also our Team Dessert Hooker and  author of the “Tuesday Tarlet” right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat.


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  1. AWESOME job Eva!…….I love your honesty and humor…….and I too LOVE to eat as often as you (but I’m getting to be a heffer now). Miss you darlin!

  2. I’ve always been jealous of your metabolism… That and your flowing, ginger locks.

  3. i really want that gigantic ice cream sunday above!

  4. You have a tapeworm.

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