Nightly Win: Rickrolled… What’s your favorite Rick Astley Song?

by nick [Team Life Contributor] 

Lets talk about this huge internet phenomenon that has impacted society in a way that ‘Surfing Bird’ has impacted “Family Guy”. If you have never been on a computer before, let me explain the process of “rickrolling”. When you click on a link to enter another website you believe is one thing, but get brought to the music video of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, then you have been “rickrolled”. It’s the feeling of April Fools every time I hear that song. Now, what is there to say about rickrolling that needs to be said? Well, as an 80’s fan, and I have a problem with this song.

First, lets talk 80’s music. I am a giant 80’s music fan. From ABC to ZZtop, I have it all. Rick Astley’s first hit ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ came out in England in 1987. It was off the ‘Whenever You Need Somebody’ Album. Wikipedia states this album has sold over 15 million copies world wide! That’s a lot… if its true… I really don’t care to confirm that answer.

Anyways, many people who might think they know the 80s, will obviously say that Rick Astley is a one-hit wonder with this song.

BUT, NOOOOOOO. There is a better song. One year after ‘Never Gonna Give you up’ was released, Astley’s singing career hits the U.S. once more with ‘Together Forever’.

Here’s the video in case you are interested ==>

This will always be my favorite song of his. This is 80s pop at its best. Its fun, positively stimulating, and way better than ‘Never Gonna Give you Up’. You could argue which music video is better… if you can even tell the different between them. Honestly, compare and contrast them… he wears similar clothing, his backup dancers do the same thing. Its insane how they come up with the themes to 80s music videos. I like the “love story” of ‘Together Forever’ more than the “no story” of ”Never Gonna give you up’.

 Anyways, what does this have to do with an eat/drink blog? Well, grab and Arnie Palmer, bake some pizza rolls and judge for yourself which song is better.

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