The Friday Filipino: Rice– The Other White Grain

by nick [Team Life Contributor]


What food works with any ethnicity? Oh the answer is quite simple, literally because all you need to make it is just to add water. Its rice folks. Rice comes in a variety of grains, and is used in a variety of dishes. As a meal or a side dish, rice is a heavenly food. As rice pudding or as fried rice, you never go wrong with whatever meal you have, morning, noon or night.

My experience with rice started easily enough thanks to my Filipino family. We bought rice in 50 lbs bags. Soy sauce came in gallon jugs. Yes, Asian food is in my blood… it is most likely why I am not a skinny man. While rice was mainly used as an accompaniment with meat, my Filipino use of rice also expanded to Asian soups, and fried rice by itself (or with hotdogs).

But Asia isn’t the only continent that has adopted rice as a good accompaniment to a meal. Spanish and Mexican cuisine also use rice to its extreme. Ever heard of paella? This Spanish cuisine combines rice and saffron (world’s most expensive spice) with dozens of other foods. Rice and beans is a common addition for breakfast in many Latin American countries.

Minnesota is known for its wild rice. Nothing beats a chicken wild rice soup on a cold day. Wild rice, though it may take longer to make, it quite healthier and damn tasty accompaniment with any meal. Lets talk holidays, how about thanksgiving… ever had wild rice stuffing? Mmmmm mmmmm good!

We barely broke ground talking about rice, but I need to stop there. I’m thinking there are so many more uses for rice that I could probably write a book on it. I don’t consider myself a food expert however, and there are many things I don’t know about other cultures to continue this blog effectively.

But, however you eat it… fried, in soups, in a burrito, or just plain… embrace the grain known as rice.

Nick’s random rants and op/ed pieces appear Friday on The Friday Filipino right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat. 


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