Afternoon Snack: Winona Taco Truck

by andy [Team Editor]

As many of you know, my favorite thing in the world is a good taco truck (sorry Wife). After a late night of being a man of the people, nothing is better than sinking your teeth into a warm tortilla full of late night drunken food goodness. The raucous crowd is always a good indicator of the quality of the tortilla sling. The louder, more belligerent, and larger the crowd– the more legit the taco truck.

Given those parameters, the Winona taco truck was the MC Hammer mobile Mexican establishments– 2 Legit 2 Quit.

There were odd similarities late Friday and Saturday night as we invaded Winona for homecoming (More on Homecoming in this week’s Saturday Editorial:
1) Iverson was wearing the same clothes both nights.
2) Iverson was belligerently drunk both nights (endearingly belligerently drunk in his defense).
3) The taco truck pulled up IMMEDIATLY in front of our last bar of the evening.

Call it fate, call it luck– But either way we were meant to get our taco on those nights… Also Iver may have issues (More on that Thursday).

The truck is run by Rubio’s Family Restaurant based in the Winona Mall– The place where businesses go to die (poor Pet parade 😦 ). I can guarantee they make way more money catering to the lubricated masses on the weekend than they do all week at the commercial shopping hellhole.


Although they didn’t have the holy grail of mobile Mexican food– Tacos al Pastor– I was pleasantly surprised by the food. The ground beef tacos were nothing to write home about (on par with middle school cafeteria), but the chicken tacos were amazing. Marinated chicken with a slight grill char and a subtle hint of lime, they were a satisfying end to a long weekend of debauchery. Well, satisfying in the sense that the Wife shot down the idea of any form of genital to genital contact that evening.

All in all, the tacos added fitting ends to nights of a great weekend. Good times were had by all…  Except for those two chicks who got shot.



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