Operation Badonkadonk: The $1000 Weight Loss Bet

by andy [Team Editor]

The Story

They say never trust a skinny chef… And I always wanted to be trusted.

When I first started cooking, the angelic voices of Julia Child and Paula Dean made an impressionable young cook believe that everything had to be made with a full stick of butter, real heavy cream, and rich sauces that could keel over a triathlete. Then came the food porn wave of entertainment with Guy Fieri traveling to every greasy-spoon Diner, artery clogging Drive-In, and onset adult diabetes Dive– Along with the Man vs Food guy devouring hybrid car sized portions of food straight out of a cardiologist’s worst nightmare. All of this paired with a “clean up your plate, you’re a growing boy” mentality of my youth, and my life view on food was this– Make it decadent, make it gluttonous, and you better eat all of it. Otherwise you don’t get dessert!

A few years and a few hundred pounds later, I realized there was more to being a great cook than just cutting corners. Any dish can be made palatable by adding butter, duck fat, bacon, MSG, or chicken base. Building real flavor without poisoning the consumer with excess fat and salt takes technique and finesse, maybe a lesson the hoards of lazy “chefs” out there should take to heart.

Not even a diagnosis of high cholesterol and blood pressure could deter me off my path. A moderate but lackadaisical workout schedule, a sedentary career, and a number of well intentioned but utter failures of diets have landed me here.

5’7″ and 220 lbs.

That’s when I got hungry… Hungry to change things.



Current Weight: 220 lb
Goal Christmas: 200 lb
Goal Easter’11: 170 lb

Equals out to 50 pounds in 28 weeks.




Weigh-Ins Every Sunday beginning on Oct 17th. There are Two Phases to Operation Badonkadonk

-11 Weeks Oct 17 to Christmas (Weighin Dec 26th)
 -Target Weight: 200 lbs
 -Target Loss: 20 lbs
 -Average Loss of 1.81 lbs/wk

-17 Weeks Christmas to Easter (April 24th)
 -Target Weight: 170 lbs
 -Target Loss: 30 lbs
 -Average Loss of 1.76 lbs/wk




Pretty simple. I have bet with 5 people (Nick, Benson, Tyler, Flom, and Kayla-The Wife’s sister).

NOT under 200 on Dec 26th Weigh-In, I owe each $100.
NOT under 170 on Apr 24th Weigh-In, I owe each $100.

Under goal weight at each weigh in, they each owe me a $5 Subway gift card (whoot!).

All added up, I stand to lose $1000 if I fall on my face… Into a delicious piece of cake. I think all of my previous diets have failed because I did not have this level of accountability. If I skipped the gym who cares? If I eat a whole pizza at 1am who’s going to worry? Well now skipping that workout or eating that pizza is going to hit me where it hurts, the groin wallet.

From a game theory perspective, I realize it would behoove my friends to try and stray me from my path for their financial benefit– Put butter in my coffee, order a dozen pizzas to our house, call in a bomb threat to the gym. But I know hope that my friends see this as a way for me to motivate myself rather than a financial opportunity for them… Bastards.



Mens Health Personal Trainer  will be used to drop these thunder thighs. The trainer plans out an eating plan and fitness regiment that are both achievable and– more importantly– sustainable.

With my goal weight being 170, my caloric intake is targeted at 1900 per day while using a 30-40-30 Protein-Carbs-Fats mix. I have tried low/no carb diets before, but I feel that I have massive mood swings due to changes in blood sugar and it’s not sustainable– After about three days of insanity you dump a pound of fettucine alfredo in the center of a pizza and roll taht shit up like a burrito. I love carbs– But I also love being able to see my penis (Drew) over my stomach– So those carbs are going to be whole wheat grains, fresh fruit and vegetables for the forseeable future.

Now I understand the irony of me starting this operation weeks after launching EDR, but this is an opportunity to show how we can enjoy great food and drink without having to buy two seats on the airplane. There will have to be real technique and creativity involved making boneless-skinless chicken breasts, salmon, and whole wheat pasta interesting for the 70th dinner in a row.

I will allow myself one cheat meal as the plan allows (Herro Culvers!) and will limit my booze intake to 450 calories every two weeks. For those of you keeping score at home, that equates to either:
-4 Light Domestic Beers
-3 Pints of Guiness
-3 Vodka Martinis
-3 Shots of Jaegar
-4 Bloody Marys (Although the sodium might be a turn off)
-Or 1/2 of a Red Lobster Lobsterita!!!!
Totals courtesy of Livestrong.com

Some of you may be skeptical of me cutting back on booze because of the holidays around the corner and… well, me being me. But in college (my 2nd junior year) I did take off 4-months of drinking around this same time of year and lost 30 pounds in the process (as the wife likes to remind me of constantly).

-Weight Training + Cardio: M-W-F
-Cardio: Tu-Th-Sa
-Rest or light cardio: Sunday

 Although the workouts are no where near as intense as say The Biggest Loser (although I would not oppose Jillian Michaels applying foot to my rear-end), they are challenging and increase with intensity as we move through the Operation.



There will be a daily post about what I did food and exercise wise for the day, as well as a weigh-in report and video blog every Sunday. The vlog will give insight to my state of mind as I slowly (but definitly surely) lop the equivalent of a 5-year old child off my fat ass.

Not only will the money motivate me, but also putting this on a well-read and beloved website such as EDR will continually stoke my fire and strengthen my resolve. In fact, I’m requesting that if I am not making significant headway, stop updating, or end Operation Badonkadonk all together, please go onto my personal Facebook page and berate the hell out of me.

Losing weight and keeping it off is not an easy task. See picture above and insert own joke here:_______________________.

There will be tears, there will be moments of weakness and unmotivation– But there will also be moments of triumph, resolve, and culinary creativity and ingenuity. I look forward to sharing this journey with you, the readers of EDR. Now while I initially started this Operation for me onsies and the wife, by sharing with the site I hope I can motivate and (cliché alert) inspire people who have always wanted to lose weight to go for it. They’ll read day after day and say, “Damn, it’s not going to be easy… But if that a**hole can do it, so can I!”

So please, join me on this adventure and I can’t wait to celebrate Easter with $50 in Subway!


Operation Badonkadonk is a mission for Andy to lose most of his ass by Christmas, Easter, and his Birthday. Make sure to follow his progress on the Operation page located on the menu bar right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat!


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  1. As your personal caffeine adviser I would like suggest you add white tea to your diet. It has amazing health benefits along with giving you a pick-me-up.

  2. For more workout ideas you could also check out Crossfit at http://www.crossfit.com. It’s a slightly different schedule where you workout 3 days in a row and then rest one day. You can work up to that but it’s been working great for me. There is also http://www.crossfitbrandx.com/index.php/forums/viewforum/16/ where I get my modified workouts from. They have the same workout but they make it easier so that anyone can do the same sort of workout. Just an idea. Good luck!

  3. Good luck Andy! And also, you better have some of those alcohol calories saved up for Halloween!

  4. I think it’s great you are setting goals and having bets to motivate you! I’ve started using this great free calorie counting website which has proved to be already successful in the few shorts weeks I’ve used it. According to my height and goal weight, along with the fact that I sit at a desk 40+hours a week, I am eating 1200 calories a day, along with healthy meals, my hour long walks during my lunch breaks and my evening workouts. It also has an iphone, blackberry, and mobile apps for anyone with a smartphone on the go. It’s easy to use and very informative!


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