Vino Vednesday | Barefoot Riesling!

  by betsy [Team Vino Vriter]


Name: Barefoot Riesling
Producer: Barefoot Cellars, Modesto, CA
Price: $4.99-$6.99


A few days ago, I had an idea for my Vino Vednesday column:  Cheap Wine Week.  In my first post, I promised the readers of eat.drink.repeat that I would only choose affordable varieties.  This takes it a bit further:  “What kind of wine can I drink often—and enjoy—without breaking the bank?”  Chef Andy said “go for it” and I got very excited.  Usually, I would save a cheap variety for the end of the month, when my bank account is begging for a break.  However, the thrill of drinking cheaply is too much fun to save for the last week of the month.  (I may or may not be having a tough financial month as well).  But it’s true: I love finding a bottle of decent wine that costs less than a 12-pack of soda. 

My friends, if you have not been introduced to Barefoot Riesling, the following is for you. 

If you venture into your local wine retailer looking for an inexpensive and tasty RED wine, go ahead and try Barefoot’s merlot or cabernet, but I would recommend creating spritzers with them.  Pouring 2 oz of lemon-lime or club soda into your glass of wine makes both of these much more palatable.  However, if you’re searching for a white wine for any occasion, head for the Riesling.  (The Moscato is good as well, although a bit too sweet for my taste.)  The Riesling is fruity and light, without the sour taste some Rieslings leave behind.   It pairs extremely well with mild cheeses such as fresh mozzarella and Havarti, sourdough bread, salads, sushi, and fruit, but is also perfect on its own.  It also tastes great with cheese curds, glazed Krispy Kreme donuts, and beef jerky (hey…it’s cheap wine week…I’ve got to reach out to cheap snacks too).

Barefoot Riesling is my number one choice when planning picnics and other outdoor events, especially since the company decided to move from synthetic cork-sealed bottles to screw-top bottles!  Why put a fake cork back into a bottle of wine that only cost a few dollars?  This makes the wine VERY portable and also, extremely easy to save in the fridge for a few days—no more cork-wrestling (which, as I’ve experienced, can result in large amounts of frustration and sometimes broken glass pieces waiting to reach out and bite your unsuspecting heel)!

So, my friends:  no matter what the state of your finances are, I promise you will not be disappointed with Barefoot’s delectable Riesling.  Grab a bottle and two glasses, your best person, and find an empty picnic table somewhere.  Twist open that bottle and have fun.  And look:  you’ve only spent five bucks!  Cheers!  

Vino Vednesday is vritten by our Team Wine-o Betsy. Her column appears ever Vednesday right here on Eat.Drink.Repeat.


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