Badonkadonk | Oct-21-2010

by andy [Team Editor] 


Another good day today. Went to bed last night about 9:30 and got up at 5:30 sharp this morning. The wife and I got our butts to the gym and ran it out, got back and had a great day at work as well as a great day of eating. Here is a picture of my lunch which didn’t suck:

Daily Exercise and Food Log after the jump –>

This dish is low-cal, sexy, and most importantly simple. It litterally took 3-minutes to cook.

I sprayed a saute pan with olive oil Pam. Diced and sauteed the zucchini (only for about a minute, I always like my vegetables al dente), tossed in 4oz of diced chicken breast and a cup of whole wheat linguine, plated and topped with a big of diced tomato. The chicken and linguine I already have precooked in the fridge. A little preparation goes a long way in saving you time when cooking on the fly.

A timer is set on my watch to remind myself to eat every three hours. It’s good to graze rather than let your self starve in between meals. We’ve all done this. Things get hectic at work, skip lunch, come home and eat 4 lbs of spaghetti… Or is that just me?

My energy has been high and on an even keel all day again. Maybe those experts are on to something with this ‘not being a lazy POS’ and ‘not eating garbage’ thing. Probably just a fad though.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Daily Exercise

30-Minute Cardio intervals (Sprint 1 min/Walk 2 min) covering 2.54 miles.

Food Log

Calories – Item
150  Oatmeal
120  Scrambled Eggs [1 Whole, 2 Whites]
210  Whole Wheat Linguine [1 cup cooked]
60     String Cheese
405  Chicken Linguine with Steamed Zucchini
90    Skim Milk [1 cup]
60     String Cheese
60    Steamed Zucchini [1 cup]
528  Sesame Chicken Stir Fry
120   Cottage Cheese w/ Equal
1803 Total

Other: 1 Cup of Coffee, 72 oz. water, 3 Cups of Decaf Green Tea.

Operation Badonkadonk is a mission for Andy to lose most of his ass by Christmas, Easter, and his Birthday. Make sure to follow his progress on the Operation page located on the menu bar right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat!


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