Badonkadonk: 10/22/10

by andy [Team Editor]  


Had the first real test eating wise today– food in a social setting. We went over to Tom’s place for a grillout/tailgate before Mason City’s last homegame. Didn’t go to the actual game (calling the team atrocious would be a compliment), but it was nice to get out of the house and see people for a bit. We also didn’t go because the wife promised to do unmentionable things to me when we got home.For tailgate food, the old Andy (aka 6 Days Ago Andy… Shut up) would have made up the JB taco dip– ground beef, block of velvetta, and taco sauce– which runs about 800 calories per 1/2 cup serving! But I opted to bring a bit lighter fare of homemade pineapple salsa and honestly the greatest guacamole on the face of the earth. In lieu of cramming a burger in my face per my usual, I diced some chicken and tossed them in a Korean marinade (light soy sauce, ketchup, ginger, lime juice, cilantro, Splenda, garlic) and skewered them doing up a makeshift yakatori.I did have a bit of an energy dip in the afternoon, but that was probably because Nick’s column came out today (oh snap!). 

Daily Exercise

Weight Training
Seated Dumbell Press / Upright Rows / Tricep Pulldowns / Squat Machine / Leg Extensions / Military Press

30 min    Elliptical – 3.58 Miles
20 min    Treadmill [Walk] – 1.25 Miles
45 min    Raking the hell out of the lawn!

Food Log

Calories – Item
230 Turkey Wrap
60    String Cheese
140  Whey Protein and Water
60     String Cheese
240 Linguine with Steamed Zucchini
110   Greek Yogurt
363  Shrimp + Tomato Linguine
90    Skim Milk [1 cup]
100  Baked Pita Chips and Pineapple Salsa
200 Chips, Salsa, and Guacamole
60    String Cheese
110  Whole Wheat Linguine [1/2 cup]
120  Cottage Cheese w/ Equal
1913 Total

Other: 72 oz. water, 3 Cups of Decaf Green Tea.

Operation Badonkadonk is a mission for Andy to lose most of his ass by Christmas, Easter, and his Birthday. Make sure to follow his progress on the Operation page located on the menu bar right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat!


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I am Ron Mexico.

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  1. Sexy chicken! It was amazing and so was the pineapple salsa and guac. 🙂

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