The Friday Filipino: Monopoly at McDonalds!

by nick [Team Life Contributor]

Gamblers Anonymous has just gotten a little bit bigger since this contest started for me back in the early 90s. The Monopoly Game at McDonalds will always be a great childhood memory of mine. With a McDonalds only minutes from my house, I have had many bike rides to the place and spent countless allowances on food there. I figured that if I ate there enough times, someday I’ll get that special token that will get me a Million dollars.

Everyone knows what monopoly is right? No, we aren’t talking about you Bill Gates. The great Parker Brothers game takes earning monopolies to a whole knew meaning of the word “Win”. When you order specially selected foods of the menu (typically the expensive ones), you get 2 tokens that you can play on your monopoly board. Sometimes, you usually get free food items….. yay! (sarcastically), but usually, you get a certain spot from the monopoly board. If you get all 3 (or 4) spots to complete a monopoly, you get a big gift or a cash surprise. From $50 (thanks to Baltic and Mediterranean) to the $1,000,000 prize (boardwalk and park place), your heart races with excitement… maybe this big mac will get me the million… maybe this Large fries will get me the million. Your heart beats faster and faster (probably due to the cholesterol filling your arteries) as you play more and more. Sadly, this game only lasts a few weeks. So far, I have not won more than free food.

I ask you all… now… STAY AWAY from McDonalds… Its a game you can’t stop playing… Its a cigarette you can’t stop smoking… Its a stripper you can’t say no to. Enough analogies for ya?


Nick’s random rants and op/ed pieces appear Friday on The Friday Filipino right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat. 


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  1. If anyone knows about strippers you can’t say no to, It’s the Asuncion!

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