Badonkadonk | 10.27.10

by andy [Team Editor]   

“I get knocked down, but I get up again. You’re never gonna keep me down!”
-The Greatest Band EVER

Emotional eating has always been my weakness–My weakness was put to the test the past two days. After a less than banner couple of days at work and me busting the hell out of my phone, my usual solution is to go bite the shit out of a pizza and a burger or two (or three). I compromised.

I had yet to use my ‘cheat meal’ during the week and it was definitely put to good use last night. The Wife and I made an AMAZING taco pizza and over 3/4 of it ended up in my belly (~1280 calories). Buyer’s Remorse immediately set in. Like any impulse item, I didn’t need it and was going to pay for it later– This morning to be exact.

Today was the first day I didn’t wake up before my 5:15 alarm. When I eventually rolled sluggishly out of bed, there was no motivation to do weight training or even start the day. Lethargic and unenergetic after a day long “pity party” and eating a heap of shitty food? Hmm…… I’m starting to see a pattern.

Eventually, I got myself moving and did a home version of my weight training workout, but the entire day I felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything. Was the Operation already falling apart? Why am I a worthless piece of shit? Do I really never finish anything in my life?  It’s only been a week! I want those Subway gift cards!!!

So when the Wife got home, I took the car and had one of the best runs of my life. Pair that with a full day of healthy eating and I am re-focused and ready to rock tomorrow morning!

Operation Badonkadonk is a mission for Andy to lose most of his ass by Christmas, Easter, and his Birthday. Make sure to follow his progress on the Operation page located on the menu bar right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat!


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