The Friday Filipino | Fry Hard, With a Vengence

 by Nick [Life Contributor]

Jobs are tough to find, so you take what you can get. After college, my life has brought me to a grocery store where I am now a baker. So…what do I bake you may ask…. Cakes? Breads? Pies? No, none of those things. I make donuts. Yes, I am creating the diet of the local police force. 

What is a donut? Dounts are fried pieces of dough which gets frosting, sugar and/or decorated with any sugary substance. They are a sweet s/snack/meal for the “on the go” generation that we are. I fry, decorate, and distribute the donuts just before the early morning crowd arrives. Why do people like donuts in the morning? Who knows. For whatever reason this happens, I need this so I get paid. Because we have a contributor who talks about desserts, I’m going to try to talk about the basics of my job. I want to walk you through my work day… sorry, I mean my work “night”.

I personally make 3 kinds of donuts from scratch: donut holes, cake donuts and Old Fashioned. Each require a specific frying temperature, a specific donut-sized setting, and its own frosting/sugaring process. From a simple cake mix and water, I make the batter used to fry the donuts. (These will be talked about more later).

I get to work and start my day by turning on the equipment. Here is the spoiler folks: I fry donuts. Donuts are not “baked” or just “magically formed”. I use a cubic foot of shortening a night! Anyways, in order to make donuts fluffy… haha, I said fluffy.. ITS SO FLUFFY!… sorry…

Now, the raised donuts are the specialty donuts that go in a display case and are typically sold individually. The donuts come frozen and are thawed and set up by another co-worker. When the donuts are “raised” by the proof box (a large humid room), the donuts are dropped into the fryer. Typically, after 2 flips of The transition from floury white dough to a fried golden brown is beautiful. The smells are intoxicating. I can see why Americans are going to die younger… these donuts soak up tons of grease.

So, now that we have tons of donuts fried (500+ average), we need to decorate them. Many donuts (rings, persians and fritters) get glazed. Glaze is the lovely liquid sugar that hardens when cooled. Many people typically picture “krispy kremes” when you mention glazed donuts. Glazing is simple and usually the first thing completed while frying. Bismarks are the jelly filled donuts. There are 4 kinds of bismarks: Bavarian (chocolate covered), cherry (white frosting covered), raspberry (white sugar), and lemon (powered sugar). Once fried, the bismarks are filled first then sugared or frosted. Last but not least; the rings, long johns, persians and french cruellers get frosted with maple, chocolate or white frostings. Not only do I frost them, but I can also add sprinkles, coconut flakes or coconut crunches on them.

When everything is decorated, all that is left is to place them in the display case and then they are out of the taking. From start to finish, it takes me on average 7 hours to do this a night. It can be stressful and fun at the same time. I like seeing people purchase fresh donuts late at night. It’s a sign that I am doing a great job.

Nick’s random rants and op/ed pieces appear Friday on The Friday Filipino right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat. 


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  1. Amanda the Barista

    Where is this grocery store? I need donuts!

  2. IT’S SO FLUFFY! 🙂

  3. It’s easy to find the donuts… Just follow Nick’s trail of tears!

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