Vino Vednesday | The Naked Grape Pinot Grigio

  by betsy [Team Vino Vriter]


Name:  The Naked Grape Pinot Grigio
Producer:  Grape Valley Wine Company, Modesto, California
Price:  N/A (gifted)


My sweet friend and dessert aficionado Eva—otherwise known as EDR’s very own Tuesday Tartlet—sent me a facebook message a few weeks back raving about her favorite Pinot Grigio: The Naked Grape. She told me it was hard to find in retailers, but is worth searching for.  I was immediately intrigued!  Not only are the best wines the ones recommended by friends, but also a wine recommended by the Tartlet MUST be fabulous.  Chef Andy once said, before Eva and I met, that once we finally DID meet, the universe would experience immediate and large explosions (we’d been told we’re quite similar in personality and overall spunkiness).  It’s true…upon meeting this delightful creature, I knew that whenever I was around her, a great time would be had and many, many laughs would be shared. 

Eva gave me this bottle on Halloween weekend.   I was super eager to try it, and decided it would be the subject of my next Vino review.  That was Saturday, and I lasted until Monday to crack open the bottle.  Standing in a warm, cupcake-scented kitchen,  I took the bottle out of the fridge and popped the cork.  I even used my “special” glasses…the delicate ones from Pier 1 that are extremely breakable.  The wine was a beautiful, even pour with a gorgeous fruity aroma.  I read the back of the cute bottle (yes, the label is adorable) and discovered that I should be able to sense pear, lemon, and honey in the scent.  I sniffed again, and decided I must need to work on my wine nose before detecting these hidden treasures…it smelled like a great glass of Pinot G to me. 




I sipped as I worked, and enjoyed it very much all on its own.  Since I was going to be teaching my gymnastics classes soon, I limited myself to a glass and a half with some leftover ciabatta bread from supper the night before.  I must say…it was excellent.  The wine is sweet, with a little pinch.  That’s a perfect descriptive word…pinchy.  Not bitter or sour, just…ooooooh…mmmmm…so good.  Makes me shiver a little.

Moving on now (as the above paragraph was erring on the side of wine porn), I had to put the remainder of the bottle in the refrigerator until the next night.  Again, I eagerly poured myself a glass while cooking dinner: chicken with creamy rice and broccoli.  Hurray for Campbell’s soup back-of-the-can recipes on weeknights!  It wasn’t a dinner worth pairing with any kind of wine, I must admit.  However, the gorgeous man in the other room was a little hungry before serving time, and sliced up some smoked Gouda cheese.  The lovely report from him when I asked him how the wine fared: “It’s light and fruity, and tastes great with Gouda.”  YES!  Perfect.  A dense, flavorful cheese with a crisp, fruity-licious PINCHY wine…ooooohhhh…mmmm…

So, thank you Eva for the gift of The Naked Grape.  It provided me so many thrills that my toes curled under.  Not really.  But seriously…it’s soooo good.


Vino Vednesday is vritten by our Team Wine-o Betsy. Her column appears ever Vednesday right here on Eat.Drink.Repeat.


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  1. Fabulous! 🙂 I’m glad you liked it Betsy!

    Also, it was a very wallet friendly $6.99 and I found it at a Jewel in Illinois. I don’t know what store that is for all you residents of other states.

  2. I love all of the Betsy Face Firmly in glass pics 🙂

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