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 by Nick [Life Contributor]   


[Tyler is hungover… So Uncle Nick is filling in… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!]

Jag-bombs and sparkling wine: Hangover in the Mailroom

Trying to remember drinking events in college is like trying to remember the first words you heard when you were 2 years old. Its all a blur. Time was different in college. You werent sure who you were, you tried fitting in all the time without realizing why you wanted to fit in. There were substances called beer and liquor that you constantly wanted to drink to feel good. These drinks gave you powers you never truly understood, yet you became the master of your own domain when you were plastered.

I remember the experiments…. of making our own Jag-Bombs. Yes, mixed drinks boys, I’m gonna tell you about mixed drinks you chug. Jag-Bombs were always fun to drink. A small shot of something nasty into a large glass of bubbly goodness lead to a fantastic drink. As smart as we were, we constantly kept making more drinks in order to say we “perfected the perfect Jag-Bomb”. Wow, saying it now, I can’t believe the logic we had… hahaha.

What made this particular night great, was that we weren’t drinking beer… no… I was drinking Ballatore.. sparkling wine. After two bottles of that, plus the dozen Jag-Bombs… I should have realized that the next morning would be painful. Fully aware that I had to work the next morning at 8am, I assumed that even with a short shift, I would be feeling okay for the work day… THE ANSWER WAS NOOOOOOOOOOO.

It was morning… I felt awful. My head wasn’t spinning, nor did I feel drunk… but I sure didnt feel like rainbows or unicorns. No… I felt like I was poisoned, and that all the forces in my body were concentrating on me to not throw up. It was at work, not more than 15 mind has passed when had to I rush to the bathroom puking my guts out. Good news: My boss was gone all morning… Bad News: My boss’ supervisor was not. He heard me puking in the stall. We never got along… he was facilities, I was mailroom… it was like fire and water… we did not mix. I was hoping he could just ignore me for the rest of the day… yeah, not going to happen.

I continued sorting mail when the supervisor and some assistant came in the room. I was informed that I was a liability if I drive, so the assistant was to become my chauffeur. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I get my own driver? SWEET!!! Anyways, still feeling shitty, I enjoyed having some company on my routes. I was able to complete the morning jobs got off of work at noon, where I spent the remaining afternoon and night passed out.

Regrets? Hell no… college was awesome and fun. I’ll do that all over again in a heartbeat!


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