Eat | Free Lunch at the Place Randy Wouldn’t Take His Dog!

by andy [Team Editor]   

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Randy Moss was recently jetisoned by the Vikings, for the second time, mostly for his lackadaisical play on the field–but also for his diva, entitled attitude that eventually boiled over last Friday at the team’s post-practice meal.

The meal, catered by local eatery Tinucci’s, laid out a spread of chicken, BBQ ribs, pasta, and even table-side carved roast beef. Upon glancing at the smorgesboard, the maniacal Moss shouted “I wouldn’t feed this [expletive] to my [expletive] dog.” You stay classy. He didn’t even try the food, btw!

Now that the state is Moss free again, Tinucci’s is not tucking its tail between its legs. Today between Noon and 2pm, they are offering free lunch (homey) to first 50 people who bring in their Randy Moss gear. The free lunch consists of a buffet of the exact meal that was deplored by the detested departed. All of the turned in Moss apparel will then be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Nashville. A classy move by the local establishment that has been a Minnesota luminary long before ‘That One Wide Reciever from Marshall” landed and will continue to be long after he is forgetten (again).

Tinucci’s, a personal favorite of Matt Birk and Corbin Lacina (former Vikings people actually like), has been a family run business serving the Twin Cities area for over 52 years. So don’t expect this institution to go out of business overnight over the misgivings of a diva wide reciever.

I believe this bit of publicity can only help business. Every diehard Vikings fan lining up to hate Moss (a second time) should also be lining up to dig in at Tinucci’s Deli.

Check their website here or visit either of their locations at:

Newport Deli
396 21st Street
Newport, MN 55055-1008
Phone (651) 459-3211
Fax (651) 769-2206
Woodbury Deli
Eagle Valley Marketplace
2190 Eagle Creek Lane
Woodbury, MN 55125
Phone (651) 436-3100

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