The Friday Filipino | Health Violations: Dinner at the strip clubs?

 by Nick [Life Contributor]


Yes I’d like to start with some appetizers, followed by nice entree, and for dessert….. looks like I will have the blonde in the pink bikini…

Is it possible to talk about sex and food in the same blog? Oh yes. I encourage it actually. Food at the strip club… Lets put two of the 7 deadly sins together… Gluttony and Lust and then we have ourselves a good blog. Can you be hungry and horny? It may surprise you, but this isnt some “uncommon” thing.

Tons of strip clubs are using more than sex to get your attention. You can not only get your drink on, but now you can satisfy your hunger to eat out…. burgers and fries that is.

For the record, I never went to the strip club solely on the purpose to eat “food”. This started back in my Deja Vu days. I never believed that strip clubs were establishments that could maintain food… Hell, I didnt think any of them had a kitchen. Sure, at the Vu, a hot dog buffet sounded comical, but it turns out to actually become successful. Food… Strippers… My mind thinks either with my stomach or my crotch… but never at the same time… until now.

Fast forward to 2009. I’m introduced to the King of Diamonds. They have a dinner menu. Why would you come here to eat? I don’t see a first date lasting well here. It was here I actually had my first and only meal. Pizza. Simple, quick, and easy… like the women (giggity, but seriously, they work hard). Its wasn’t fansy food. It was just a frozen, ready to serve pizza at about 6 bucks… not bad I must say. It soaks up the booze. I can see food being a nice reason to hang around the strip club a little longer. Much like casinos, strip clubs make money the longer you hang around them.

Nick’s random rants and op/ed pieces appear Friday on The Friday Filipino right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat. 


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