TFF | Mongolian Stir-fry | Not made in Mongolia

 by Nick [Life Contributor]


I love asian food. Soy sauce, rice, noodles, pork… put all that together and you got a nice Death Row Last meal. Anyways, I need to talk about an awesome restaurant in Roseville, MN. No, I’m not going to critique it. It’s hard to write a review about a buffet restaurant where you make your own meal yourself. I just want to point out how wonderful this food is and how much fun it is to be creative in the kitchen when you don’t have to cook.


Khan’s Mongolian in Roseville is an Asian restaurant that allows the customer to choose foods you want to the chefs cook for you. Everything is raw and you choose the portions and everything right off the table. From a variety of different meats, pastas and vegetables, your Khans experience is never the same thing. Your meal is all in the imagination you put into it.


Lets back track to the history of this delicacy. The joys of Mongolian cooking has been around for decades in the United States. The idea of having your food stir fried on a giant circular table is exciting. It feels so exotic… I mean, this is how people eat in Mongolia right? I’m not making this up, but Mongolian Barbecue originated from TAIWAN! I should have realized that everything is from Taiwan, so, this isn’t really a surprised. In my research, to of the most popular Mongolian chains in America (Huhot and BD’s), are based out of Montana and Michigan… WTF? Its funny.


Okay, Now back to the food. You pick your raw meats, pasta, veggies and sauces (so many sauces to choose from), then you take your uncooked ingredients to the cooks who fry the ingredients together on the giant grill. In no time, you get a nice cooked meal to take back to your table. With an accompaniment of rice, Khan’s Mongolian is the ultimate restaurant where you will never be disappointed… unless you don’t know what you like.


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