Tuesday Tartlet | Dessert Deficiency and The Pie Challenge

 By Eva [Team Dessert Hooker]


Let me tell you about how much dessert I have NOT been eating. It’s disappointing, really. I have been too busy to bake (pie pumpkins that I bought in mid-October are being downgraded to decorative autumn centerpieces, sitting lonely on the kitchen counter) and when I go out to eat I am on such a tight budget that restaurant desserts are out of the question after a meal.

I have previously hinted that “dessert” can be anything you want it to be. It can be any decadent indulgence, a sweet treat after a meal, a delicious event, or even a highly anticipated day. Well, this weekend I have lowered the bar even further.

On Sunday, for dessert, I ordered a fourteen inch pizza and a large beer. No, it was not a dessert pizza. There was no sugar or chocolate or ice cream or candies. Just a large, greasy, delicious cheese pizza from Bogie’s  and a 23oz Miller Lite Draft that was on special.

Let me explain. I have recently taken up residence in my grandmother’s spare bedroom, and in exchange I have taken on a role as her personal chef and dietician. This has limited me to cooking with fifteen ingredients (she has to limit her Vitamin K, Potassium, and Cholesterol intake) and I have grown accustomed to cooking tiny portions to suit her sedentary lifestyle. Sunday night I had a friend over for dinner so that I could use her to help me move the rest of my stuff. The chicken with rice and veggies were tasty, but all the calories were burned off with the first shelf that we crammed into her midsized SUV, and by the time the rest of my junk was loaded in to her car, and then unloaded in to my grandparents’ garage, we were starving. So we decided to go out for dessert.

Here is how our evening progressed:

  [As we drive past a few establishments]

My wonderful friend Maureen: “There’s Steak and Shake, we could get milkshakes.”
Me:  “I want a beer.”
Maureen: “Beer is dessert!”
Me: “I’m pretty sure that’s a universally accepted statement.”

  [Driving past Bogie’s]

Maureen: “Let’s go there for a beer.”


Me: “Look at the menu, there’s pizza! Yum, pizza, and it’s thin crust, only fourteen inches, that’s only like this big (makes gesture with hands showing a pizza that is approximately 8 inches in diameter) we could totally split that.”

  [Bartender brings out gigantic pizza and beers, hunger is satiated, I refuse to call this “Second Dinner.”]

Conclusion: “Pizza is dessert.”

Okay, so anything can be dessert, but for the purpose of this blog, and the satiation of my very deprived sweet tooth, I’ve decided to undertake extreme measures to turn this situation around.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and that means pie! We haven’t picked a pie for our Thanksgiving dessert menu, so for the next week I will bake and try a different pie every day, and next week I will report my results back to you.

The November issue of Martha Stewart is pie-obsessed and she also has 61 Thanksgiving pie and tart recipes, so Martha is definitely the inspiration for this endeavor.

Check back next Tuesday to read about the satiation of my dessert lust, and until then, have a sweet week!

Eva is a Polish, a ginger, and also our Team Dessert Hooker and  author of the “Tuesday Tarlet” right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat.


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  1. Making a pie a day sounds ambitious and amazing. Can’t wait to hear about it next week!

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