Vino Vednesday | Oskyfizzante!

  by betsy [Team Vino Vriter]

Name: Oskyfizzante Red and Oskyfizzante White
Producer:  Tassel Ridge Winery, Leighton, IA
Price: $12.99 and $12.49

This fantastic winery is about 20 miles from where my older sister lives, and it has become a favorite family destination.  I love being able to support the winery by purchasing their products whenever I can…and I decided to put both of the fizzies into one review this week!  mmmmm…a TWO-BOTTLE week…I can handle this.  *giggle*  I am a huge fan of sparkling wine…I love the tickly thing it does to my nose.  It’s not just for weddings and New Year’s toasts anymore, either…I find that a nice effervescent wine is a lovely addition to mild cheeses and crudites served before dinner at a party, or added to sangria, or mixed into a mimosa, or by itself.  

The Oskyfizzante red was the first bottle to be popped open…well, not popped.  Pried open, rather.  I was surprised to find no cork or twist-off top…but a BOTTLETOP.  I suppose it keeps the sparkle in as well as a cork.  I think Tassel Ridge has had corks in these bottles in the past.  Anyway–the prying open of the bottle wasn’t as festive as the traditional flying cork which usually accompanies a variety with fizz, but that’s okay.  Finally I’ve found a bottle I can open without fear of (pardon the cliche) shooting my eye out with a cork.  

Amy and Tom and I clinked glasses and sipped while waiting for dinner to cook…linguini with bolognese and garlic bread.  Amy’s first reaction was “Oooooooooh!”  Mine was “Mmmmmm…it’s been far too long” and Tom’s was “Fizzy!”  

The red is fruity and sweet with a dry puckery finish.  The bubbles aren’t so tiny that they just disappear (that is a quality in sparkling drinks that disappoints me) and they don’t rise too fast either (which happens in cheaper varieties…we might as well just drink Sprite if that’s the case).  Perhaps not the best pairing with the dinner, but we didn’t care…it still gave us the thrill of the fizz.  A party for your tongue.  

About a week later I decided to pry open the Oskyfizzante white.  Sadly I was enjoying my glass alone, but nevertheless it was delicious.  The first thing to notice is the color.  Usually, champagne and sparkling wines have a characteristic light yellow color, which would be named “watered-down canary” if it were in a Crayola box.  This sparkly glass was a deeper, richer golden color…almost like a Chardonnay, but with shiny bubbles and a silvery white foam.  I sipped, got the tingly nose, sneezed, and sipped some more as I washed dishes.  What could make this better?  Strawberries?  Yes!  Strawberries and chocolate, and a hot tub.  Add some girlfriends or a luvah (thank you Carrie Bradshaw) and it’s perfection.  I’ll file that into my brain and use it someday.  🙂

Again, Iowa wineries have proven to be masterful at making this vino vriter happy.  Please, go out and get some Osky and pry it open the next time your nose is begging to be tickled!  If fizz isn’t your thing, try another one of theirs…I have yet to find one from Tassel Ridge that isn’t fabulous.

Til next week…Cheers, and lots of love and bubbles!  🙂 


Vino Vednesday is vritten by our Team Wine-o Betsy. Her column appears ever Vednesday right here on Eat.Drink.Repeat.



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