TFF | Cover Artist | My Life as a Musician

 by Nick [Life Contributor]

As far back as I could remember, I always knew I wanted to be good at something. I’ve tried all kinds of sports, with no success… by that I mean I SUCKED AT SPORTS!

Sure, I have brains and could just be the “smart, nerdy kid”, but who wants to be that? We all seen what happened to Screech on ‘Saved By the Bell’. What was I to do?

Music. I’ll take you on a journey through my life and show you all that yes, it is possible to succeed in something. I am Nick Asuncion, I am a musician. I play acoustic guitar.

Influences? Why did I choose to pick up the guitar? My music influences believe it or not, wasn’t actually started by the music I listened to. I was a die-hard 80s fan living in the 90s. There was no guitar in Retro 80s songs…. My all time favorite musician was Billy Joel: the Piano Man. How on earth did I become a guitarist? Well, honestly, it was because my father had a guitar he wasn’t playing. Simple as that. My dad wasn’t the greatest musician, but he knew chords and he liked playing… so I took it upon myself to start the tedious task of learning how to play guitar. I started on my father’s classical guitar. A classical guitar is a guitar with a large, wide neck with 3 nylon strings instead of the typical steel strings. Easy on fingers, yes… but tough on a middle school child’s hands.

8th grade, lets just use this as a starting point. I’ll never remember the EXACT time when I first picked up the guitar. Not only did I embark on this journey with a guitar, but I would do this ALONE. No teacher… just books. It’s a sore and painful experience that had many “giving up” breaks. This was the trend throughout high school. I knew a few songs, but didn’t have enough confidence to play in front of others.

College. I have gotten my fingers comfortable with playing the guitar by now… shit, its been 5 years… I hoped my fingers would have finally got comfortable with it. Not only did I have a new guitar to bring into the college world, but I also had new goals. Its time to learn some songs folks… TONS of songs. How many songs do you know word by word? It is not as easy as you think. Words are complicated. I’ll tell ya what I did. I uploaded tons of songs, and I constantly played them over and over on my iTunes. It was tedious, but it worked.

Now… today, whats my secrets? Whats my plan? What do I do now?

Practice, practice, practice…. It’s all you can do… every time you play a guitar, even at a gig, you are always practicing… working on new rhythms and working on new vocals. I am here to entertain. I might not play like Carlos Santana or sing like Michael Jackson, but I don’t need to. I sing and play well enough to keep a crowd… and this whole musician’s life that I talk about is about two things: Me and the Crowd. I play for myself and for others who enjoy music. Enjoy what you love.

[Editor’s note: Check out Nickasun’s youtube channel to see more of his performances (]

Live, Life, Love, Strippers.


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I am Ron Mexico.

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  1. You’re my new hero, Nick. It’s amazing to learn you taught yourself to play guitar. Thanks for the insight, and keep up the good work.


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