Saturday Editorial | Thanks

by andy [Team Editor]   


When I was younger, I truly believed that Thanksgiving was a made up holiday– much like how Valentine’s Day is a complete work of corporate fiction.

It was a made up holiday that gave us Americans an excuse to take two days off of work, cram 15,000 calories down our gullets, and watch the Detroit Lions get mercilessly curb stomped while John Madden hands out a 14-legged duck-inside a chicken-inside a turkey to the victors.

Thanksgiving was merely a ploy by Jennie-O to clear out their inventory before winter to bump up their fiscal quarter. The cranberry company got together with the yam company and said, “Hey, both of our products are worse than death. There’s this new thing called Thanksgiving. Let’s get all up on that.” The pecan pie cult was in on it too…

But as I grew older, I learned Thanksgiving was real. There were real pilgrims. There were real Indians. There were actually turkeys that were not in the shape of a 5-year old’s traced hand– but how awesome were those!

That day at Plymouth Plantation in 1621, the Pilgrims and the Natives gathered for a feast to commemorate their survival and new found friendship & reliance upon each other in “The New World”.

Nowadays, survival in a foreign land, learning not to starve, and not dying of scurvy are usually far down the list for what we are thankful for, but the idea remains the same. Every year on this holiday we should take a look back and be grateful for the things we have in our life. In today’s society, we’re all so wrapped up in what we don’t have that we rarely take the time to appreciate what we do have. Today I wanted to tip my proverbial cap to the people and things I am grateful for.


It may just be getting old or just old enough for self-reflection, but I am surrounded by the greatest friends that a person could ever ask for. Mostly these are battle hardened veterans who still put up with my shenanigans, my chicanery, and my overall disregard for keeping my opinions and socially inappropriate jokes from spewing from my mouth like a newborn shotgunning a Similac for the first time.

The true lifelong friends that have touched my life would be too numerous to list– or they would be offended by Andy calling them a friend without benefits– so I will refrain from doing so at this time.

But all to all of you, a sincere thank you for being my friends.


When I became contractually and biblically linked to Krystal in May, I didn’t realize that an entire army of Sellers and Sikkinks would be coming with her. Growing up as an only child with little extended family in the area, I was a bit taken aback how tight knit and clanish Krystal’s family is.

I’ve never had a sister before, I’ve never had a brother before (unless you count a quarter-million Deltasigs), and it’s weird to refer to our nephew Nolan as our nephew. Although it still takes some getting used to, I am very thankful I was accepted into their clan.

Also I’m very fortunate to have my Grandma still alive and kicking (ornery as ever too!). She’s taught me so much in my life and continues to in the fact that she digs in her stubborn German heels three times a week for dialysis treatment. She’s a tough old cookie and I love her, the Ellinghuysens, and the Carlsons to death.


Even though this is a “looking back, reflecting, being thankful post”, I do have to give a nod to where the ship of my life is heading. For the first time in a long… a few… ever, I seem to have a firm grip on the rudder and can bring her into port without crashing on the rocks. Nautical allusions aside, the future looks good.

Lifewise, Krystal and I are on track to be completely debt free by next Christmas, thanks to some hard work and the help of Dave Ramsey, and then will be looking to buy our first home nearly all cash (how weird is that?!). Beyond that, I’ll be looking to start-up a number of business ventures floating around in my head and know plenty of talented, hungry, motivated individuals who are eager to make a splash in the world on their own and not just for some faceless corporation.

One of those ventures could even be this site. I started this site in October on a larffe, just as a way to combine a few things that I love– food. booze. coffee. writing. being a self-promotion whore. Add that with the talented EDR writers and we could be in the makings of something special. Who knows, if traffic steadily increases as the word gets out about EDR we might even make a dollar or two on this thing.

So this Thanksgiving, in between naps and second helpings, busted point spreads and parades, and awesome leftover sandwiches– take a few moments to think about what you are truly thankful for in your life.


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  1. Many good memories of mine are tied to your chicanery.

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