By Eva [Team Dessert Hooker]

I heard a rumor that my Thanksgiving meal could be replaced entirely by cupcakes. Can I replace every meal with cupcakes please? I figured I had better try this to find out!

In their November issue, InStyle magazine featured Los Angeles bakery Yummy Cupcakes and their 2010 selection of Thanksgiving flavored cupcakes. The lineup included Turkey Grave & Cranberry, Marshmallow Brown Sugar Yam, and Pumpkin Pie. You could have your entire Thanksgiving dinner in the form of cupcakes! The best news? They ship anywhere in the country!

The bad news? Even though I saw the article as early as October, I waited too long to put in an order, and missed out.

Don’t fret! Los Angeles is not the only city with amazing, creative bakeries.

I researched the Chicagoland area (my current stomping grounds) and found that a multitude of bakeries, specializing in the adorable little cakes in a cup, were boasting Thanksgiving-themed treats. My search led me to choose More Bakery located at One East Delaware Place in Chicago.

Although many bakeries had pumpkin and fall themed cupcakes, More had listed, in their savory category, a flavor labeled simply, “Thanksgiving.”

I ordered online, and added to my list five other flavors that could be side dishes or desserts on anybody’s Thanksgiving table: Pumpkin Cinnamon Cream Cheese, Sweet Potato Pecan, Sweet Potato Orange, Walnut Cranberry Orange, and Pecan Maple Bourbon. The bakery delivers to almost all of what we call “Chicagoland,” (don’t ask us to define it) but I was placing my order quite last-minute (typical) and decided to pick them up.

Which, of course, I ended up making someone else do for me. Hey, it’s the holidays, I was busy. A wonderful friend of mine who lives in the city ended up running out to the tiny little store to pick up my order (Where do they make the cupcakes? I know not.) and delivering them to me in suburbia.

Look at how adorable the packaging is! This is for individual cupcakes, but my order of six did come nestled in a larger box, which was good news for me since I couldn’t have unwrapped each cupcake, it would have taken too much time! I was too excited! I probably would have eaten right through the cardboard!

I’d never really had fancy bakery cupcakes before, I usually always bake my own because I don’t trust anyone else not to overfrost them… it’s a very delicate art, the ratio of cake and frosting. (Also experiences with brightly colored and candy adorned cardboard tasting cupcakes available at any generic grocer may have skewed my opinion of my own cupcake mastery.) But I have to say that they were perfect. They looked beautiful and had just the right amount of frosting in relation to cake.

To be honest, I ate them all so fast (I barely even shared) I couldn’t even tell you which of the sweet ones was my favorite. Probably the pumpkin. Go figure.

And the center of my whole mission? The savory “Thanksgiving Cupcake” was definitely worth the whole experience. I was wary at first, but the actual cake tasted like all the flavors of the table mixed, very respectably. And it was frosted with a yummy cheese, blended with herbs that had a sharp, delectable taste. I really have no idea what was in it. I can’t even really describe the taste of it. But it was good.

I think my new Thanksgiving tradition will be not to replace my Thanksgiving meal with cupcakes, but to match my dessert to my meal, cupcake for cupcake. Stretchy pants will be necessary.

Check out More Bakery or a local cupcake-ry in your area! More has a “bacon bacon bacon” cupcake that I’m dying to try, and I’m definitely excited to see what they brew up for Christmas!


Until next Tuesday, have a sweet week!

Eva is a Polish, a ginger, and also our Team Dessert Hooker and  author of the “Tuesday Tarlet” right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat.


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