VV | [yellow tail] Merlot

  by betsy [Team Vino Vriter]

Name: [yellow tail] merlot
Producer: [yellow tail] Winery – Australia
Price: $6.99-8.99 at wine retailers
Website: www.yellowtailwineusa.com

 Another [yellow tail]?  YES!  It’s so good and so reasonable!  The opening article for Vino Vednesday was all about shiraz.  This week, the Australian winery’s delicious merlot is in the spotlight. 

I never used to drink merlot.  I wanted my reds to be super dry…something that had a lot of depth.  I stuck to cabernet.  Nothing sweet about it, just dark, mysterious, and “mature.”  That was my Red Wine Snob phase.  It was about four years ago and I had completely forgotten the joy of simpler tastes in wines.  I believe I even uttered “I don’t like Riesling very much” a time or two. 

Blasphemy.  What happened to all of my appreciation that I gained in Europe?  As soon as I got over my snobbery and started listening to more people about what they enjoyed in a good glass of wine, I felt as though I regained my “cultured” outlook. 

Babble aside, [yellow tail] merlot is simply good.  It’s perfect for kicking back on your most favorite piece of furniture, in a dimly lit room, after a stressful day.  One of the days where everything seemed to go badly, or at least have a bad “twist” to it.  Pour yourself a glass and immediately your tongue, tastebuds, esophagus, and tummy get a nice warm hug.  Ahhh…breathe out all the stress of the day and relax.  Maybe you could even imagine looking out your window at the kangaroos, happily hopping across the rough terrain in the sunset?  Yes, mate, you’re suddenly in Australia…a world away from all the problems of the day. 

*Shakes head*  I’m awake from my daydream now…but it’s true…this merlot is a warm, flavorful, slightly spicy hug.  It’s just perfect.  Enjoy it in the evening with a salty, semi-firm cheese, milk chocolate, and your favorite person.  Turn on a funny sitcom, light a fire (or crank up the space heater), and everything in your world is right again.  Smile…[yellow tail] has yet to let us down. 

Until next time…g’day and cheers to ya mate!



 Vino Vednesday is vritten by our Team Wine-o Betsy. Her column appears ever Vednesday right here on Eat.Drink.Repeat.


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