SE | What 199 Means to Me

 By Andy [Team Editor]   

The last time I weighed under 200 pounds was Freshman year Fall 2003.

Seven Years. For seven years I have been overweight, out of shape, and generally felt lethargic about anything related to my health. For seven years I had tried a number of times to get into shape– failed– went back to junk food and booze. For seven years I didn’t care. 199 changes all of that.

Operation Badonkadonk was the first time in my life that I set a weight loss/fitness goal and have actually stuck to it. I think the big part of staying with the program was having the details be public– the bet, the progress– In all of my weight loss endeavors before, if I decided to give up and quit no one would know but me. Now I have some accountability.

There have been a lot of lows on the way down to 199. Times when I didn’t want to drag my ass out of bed at 5 and do cardio. Sometimes I just wanted to throw the chicken & brown rice out the window and deep-throat an entire pizza. Actually budgeting the $1000 I’d have to pay off because I gained weight during a week and was ready to quit.

But the high points have far overshadowed the lows. Highs like slowly seeing the abs reveal themselves one at a time like a Wheel of Fortune puzzle. Being able to run a mile without vomiting in my mouth. Having the wife comment daily that she can tell I’m dropping weight and getting sexier everyday (although I contend that a human cannot achieve a higher level of sexiness). Speaking of the wife, we have definitely come closer together during the Operation. It may sound ludicrous since we are still newlyweds, but getting up every morning, cooking healthy meals, and going to bed at 8:45 pm all together have strengthened an already strong marriage. I see that see supports me in whatever I do without protest (well, the occasional 5 am protest) and that she also wants to be improving everyday and not satisfied with being complacent. That means a lot of me.

Before 199, I used to think that the The Biggest Loser was for… well… losers. But now I can see how inspiring that show can be to people who want to make a permanent change in their lives for the better. The show is more than just a weight loss show, the show is about people who are determined to save their own lives–both contestants and viewers. Ask yourself this, how many 400 pound 80-years olds do see? Obesity is becoming the epidemic of our generation and our children’s generation and if it goes unchecked, could spread into a pandemic.

The theme of this year’s Biggest Loser is paying it forward. As Operation Badonkadonk continues and beyond, I plan to.


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