TTh | Christmas Edition

 by tyler [Team Booze Hound]


This is the time of year when we think of family, friends, gifts and God. Personally, Christmas historically brings back memories of excitement. A majority of those exciting memories stem from the house I grew up in until I was only 12 years old. I don’t know if it was the speed we create memory as children, or just the warm feel of that specific home, or maybe it was that we were just more secluded living in a country setting rather than a suburban area. Either way as I have aged I have begun to hold these memories closer mainly because the traditional fabricated idea of Christmas has become a bit boring.

I realize now that Santa Sr. has retired and naturally Santa Jr. doesn’t consider me a child anymore, plus my “college career” has now placed me on the naughty list permanently. Sadly that’s not really the worst of it.

I have also noticed in recent years that “American Christmas” is increasingly less entertaining the less money you have. When you want to give but can’t afford gifts worth giving its like celebrating your siblings birthday party back in the day when your parents would give you a present too just because you didn’t understand (on a side note my parents never did this, but I have seen it done before…sad). There is nothing that makes you feel worse than getting gifts knowing you have none to give.

What I had yet to realize until I took some time this year is that Christmas is not necessarily about how much money you spend, or if Santa still visits your house, or any of those fabricated ideas that have tainted the original idea of Christmas. Christmas is about celebrating love. The love you have for Jesus, for your family, friends and the love that all those people share when they come together in unison each year. The important part is not that you buy a bunch of gifts, but that you remember the gifts God has given you in your family, friends, acquaintances and anyone who has influenced or changed your life in any way. These elements of life are what influence the present and future, man made gifts will be there for a short time but nothing in comparison to your close family and friends.

I know that everyone is going to come away from this Christmas edition of Thirsty Thursday going: “I thought this was a column about drinking.”

This is my Christmas edition, but I would suggest on thing this Christmas season. Please don’t drink and drive. There are few things worse than accidents that can happen from DUI, but one worse thing is that happening on a family holiday like Christmas.

Happy Holidays! Be Safe and Enjoy.


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