TFF | The Radio: A Commuter’s Best Friend?



 by Nick [Life Contributor]

I started a new job across town. My greatest companion (well, my only companion) on this long trek has been the radio. With nearly dozen different radio stations to listen to, how can you go wrong? Let me tell you.

Lets talk selection. If you have ever looked at the numbers between 87.9 though 107.9, there are multiples of dozens of stations available… fuck, there is more than that…. don’t forget AM radio and its dozens of stations too. Great Selection right? Now, my car…. No AM stations work… so, that cuts the number of stations available in 1/2. With a broken antenna, are you surprised? I sure wasn’t… I can’t believe I get any radio at all. Now, there are about a dozen actively working stations that you can pick up living in the Twin Cities area. Again, I have a shitty radio, plus I don’t have time to search EVERY channel available. I narrow it down to about 6 stations. 6 voices to add to my car ride besides my own. All stations are on my preset lists that are all a push of a button away. Hey, its less distractions.

Now, my morning commute has been constant these past few weeks. 7:10am – get in car. 7:55am – arrive to work. 45 minutes. That’s about 12-15 songs if you crank in a CD with no interruption… but no folks.. I’m listening to the radio. I can’t fast forward or rewind anything… I take what they give me.

The first and most dire thing to talk about is the commercials. Why are there always so many commercials. The commercials are annoying. They do not make me want to buy the products or see their movies. It is a waste. It annoys me more when the announcers are the ones promoting the products. I bet they get a butt load of cash to endorse these products. What annoys me EVEN MORE is that it’s the same commercials over and over. No new products. No new version of the jingles… it’s the same… every morning. WHAT ANNOYS ME THE MOST… YES I NEED TO USE ALL CAPS… IS THAT EVERY STATION GOES TO COMMERICALS AT THE SAME TIME! I literally hit button after button after button trying to find a station with actual music… no… I hear the “save big money at Menard’s” gingle… I push another button “Geico, 15 minutes could save you…” Bah Hum Bug!!!!

Now, you would think the Radio Djs would want to talk less about ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and just go on a play some Beatles or Maroon 5 or something… nope, not the Twin Cities Djs. They like to talk about their favorite shows. Why? I would I want to hear about someone’s day I don’t even know? The Djs also like to talk about whats in the headlines. Hey, I can get a newspaper on my own… it would even come with less shitty commentary than what these guys dish out in the morning.

Maybe I’m over exaggerating… we will find out after the commercial break…

Live, Life, Love, Strippers.


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