MMJ | Last Minute Gift

 By Amanda [Team Barista Extraordinaire]

We’ve all waited until the last-minute at least once in our lives to get someone a gift. Well here is a great gift idea for the coffee lover in your life. The best part about this gift is that all the pieces can be found at Target! (I swear I’m not just pushing Target because they gave me a job, I really do love the place!)

Step #1 – The Mug

Find one or two fun and festive mugs that match the person’s personality. You should mix them up too, because matching gets boring. My favorite mug is one with a moose face!

Step #2 – The Drink

This is where you get to have fun picking out coffee! At Target they have a variety of sample size packages of coffee which are perfect for this! And if for some reason your friend doesn’t like coffee, adding hot cocoa in its place is always a nice touch.

Step #3 – Flavors or Cream

This time of year I love to stir my coffee with a candy cane to add some peppermint flavor. It works great and it’s a cute addition to your gift. You can also add small packets of powdered cream. I would warn against getting liquid creamer though – it tends to spoil.

Step #4 – Cookies

Usually biscotti are the ‘cookie’ of choice with coffee but any cookie will do. My favorite are the Pepperidge Farms Milano cookies. I think I like them so much because my mom never let me have hers when I was a kid – the ‘forbidden cookie’ so to speak.

Step #5 – Chocolate

Fact – nothing goes better with coffee than a truffle. Target has these great Choxie truffles that are fun and inexpensive. I made the truffles that are shown here (which is easier than expected and all the ingredients can be found at, you guessed it, Target!)

Step #6 – The Wrapping

This step I got from my friend Steph. Wrap the gift in a small Tupperware container! It’s easy and who doesn’t need a container!?

Now you’ve spent 10 minutes at Target and have a great gift for family and friends.



Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!


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