Eat | Ghetto Chicken Pot Pie

 By Andy [Team Editor]   

Everyone likes pot pies. I would be more than happy to be Marie Callender’s baby daddy.

But beyond those 49-cent freezer section delicacies– most of us have not experienced the divineness that is the chicken pot pie unless we had a very awesome and very ambitious grandma. Most of us just don’t have to time to make the dough, pick the vegetables, catch the chicken, kill the chicken, de-feather the chicken, etc etc etc– to enjoy this poultry pastry. Until now.

Honestly, if you can’t make this lighter, easy as Lohan recipe below, call us– and I will have Nickasun come over to your house and smack you upside the head with a tire iron….. Enjoy 🙂          

Get the full recipe—->

Chicken “Pot Pie”
3c          Cooked, Diced Chicken Breast
1 pkg    Frozen Vegetable Mix
1 can    Crm of Chicken Soup (Low sodium/98% Fat Free)
1 can    Low Fat pre-made biscuits
Heat the first three in a pan, put in greased baking pan.
Top with biscuit layer.
Bake until biscuits done.
Eat the shit out of it.


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