SE | Tips on How Not to Suck During the Winter

 By Andy [Team Editor]   

This time of the year sucks.

The gap between Christmas and spring time where all you have is a desolate landscape, freezing temperatures, and nothing to look forward too except the prospect of warm weather… In 3 to 4 months. I mean the only holiday between Christmas/New Years and Easter is the Super Bowl! There is NOTHING to look forward to these next three months!… Well, I guess some people think Valentines Day counts.

But despite the tundra-like weather, lack of special events, and overall miserabilality (sp? Word?) of the foreseeable future, here are a few tips on how to make this time suck a little less!


Do it.

I know it’s freezing, there’s two feet of snow blocking the door, and American Idol is starting back up– but make a concerted effort to get in a little exercise over the winter and it will go a long way.

Whether you drag your ass to the gym, do a home workout, or even shovel those two feet of snow off your three-car driveway, you’re going to have more energy and be less lethargic during the winter of our discontent. Hell, even try skiing. I heard that is somewhat of a workout… Allegedly.

Don’t Eat for Hibernation

Just bears do it doesn’t mean you have to… Even though bears would be an awesome animal to emulate.

During winter time it’s normal for us to pack on a few pounds between holidays and the drop in temperature raising out desire for the “comfort foods”. It’s inevitable, but don’t let one or two pounds turn into ten or twenty.

Winter is a bit of a barren time when it comes to fruits and vegetables, but all is not lost as oranges, red grapes, artichokes, avocados, and bananas all begin peaking in season during the winter months. So even though the usual summer and fall produce bounties aren’t available, there’s no excuse not to get in your fruits and vegetables… And no, french fries are not a vegetable.

Get Sunlight Somehow


I’m sure there’s some scientific proof or logic behind this, but I always find myself in a better mood when I get some sunlight during the day when it is available.

The Wife and I get up at 6 am to go to the gym… When it’s dark outside. I sit in our home office all day that has one window and by the time we’re done with work… It’s dark out. So on days when it actually is sunny out, I like to have lunch in front of the kitchen windows or even take the mutts for a quick stroll around the block. There’s science behind this for sure, but I don’t know– the short burst of sun during the day keep me from stabbing myself with a work at least.

Keep your chin up. Before you know it the snow will be gone, the flowers will start to bloom, and it will be opening day of baseball season! Just don’t go off your rocker before then.

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