TFF | Nick’s Travels: Las Vegas, Land that I love.

 by Nick [Life Contributor]

My story of Las Vegas is quite a wonderful one. This city should really be called the city of lights. I don’t know whether or not I will move to Vegas with today’s economic destruction, but I know my heart will always consider Las Vegas as my 2nd home.

This story starts in August of 2007. After a school trip to Costa Rica and 2 months of summer classes, I knew I needed to get away. I was in my early 20s and I felt that could do anything life could offer me. My cash funds were doing well (as well as “well” could be since the economic crash has just started). My life needed some excitement. I wanted to go where dreams could come true…. Las Vegas. I wasn’t really a gambler, but I loved sounds of gambling. It’s the action, it’s the people, its their motives. I knew I needed to go… now!

Flights were fairly priced for the window of time I wanted to go. I knew weekends would be expensive, so I planned a Monday through Thursday trip. And with a click of the mouse, I booked the trip. My friends Sam and Brent were going out there as well, so I had company. Its nice having company in a strange city.

When the plane landed in Nevada, the visuals of Vegas will always be etched in my memories forever. To see the Las Vegas signs at the airport, it was enough to make me orgasm. I passed by the baggage claim and arrived at the taxi stand. Dozens of these yellow cars and vans are just running, waiting for customers to arrive. I jumped in a cab with my bags in my hand while shouting in excitement.. “TO THE PARIS HOTEL PLEASE!” (yes, im still polite even when I scream). The taxi ride seemed unreal. When we arrived to the strip, I was in heaven. The hotels and casinos were bigger and shinier than I pictured in my dreams.

These casinos are like magical kingdoms. Each building contains gigantic structures and themes that makes Hollywood look like… Dollywood. The beautiful details of the statues at Caesars, the sexy waitresses at the Paris, the incredible sight of the fountains of the Bellagio erupting doesn’t even break ground on all the things I have seen or done there.

Sorry folks, I could go on forever and ever… well, I honestly can’t. It was overwhelming. All the casinos… all the sights… It’s all just… overwhelming.

I wanted to write this blog to just point out that sometimes it’s not only the destination that can be a great thing… but its the journey.

Live, Life, Love, Strippers.


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