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  by jen sweet [Travels in Cooking]  

Don’t eat fast food, pack your lunch!

I never knew the importance of a good lunch until I got into the real world and I started working at a desk from 8-5.  I  sometimes wish that I could earn as much waitressing as I do in the business world so that I could be on my feet all day. I’m not alone though, as I know many out there know how hard it is to eat healthy lunches at work. Not only are you limited to the things you can bring, but it’s also hard to take the time to pack a lunch ahead of time too.  This is the one key thing I would like to encourage everyone to do, plan, plan, and plan some more.  

Even though I absolutely love looking up new ideas for lunches, planning and creating listings, I know most people aren’t like that.  Although this is true, I also know planning and packing ahead is the sole reason why I have been able to stick to my healthy lunches and lose weight, and I know it’s a must.  Eating out everyday, or even a few days a week easily gets expensive and makes its real easy to pack on the pounds.  Create a list before going to the grocery store; pack things a head of time.  Typically my boyfriend Jay and I pack our lunches together every night, but I’ve known many people who make their lunches at once every Sunday. I also like to get ideas from Jay as well before I head out to the grocery store, so I encourage you to talk with your significant other or friends for advise and encouragement to stay healthy.  

Lets start with the basics:

  • Plan ahead (create a grocery list)
  • Pack ahead (every Sunday or everyday)
  • Leftovers are great! They are very cheap and you can control the portions!

Lunches should be:

  • Balanced
  • Varied
  • Tasteful
  • Low calorie

Everyone is different, but it’s great to stay within a reasonable calorie limit for lunch, and for me I try to stay below 400 calories. Since October I’ve been counting my calories, which has been surprisingly easy, fun and effective.  I looked into several different methods in which to healthily lose weight, including Weight Watchers, but in end I found an amazing free tool to lose weight:  This is a site that first helps you figure out what are reasonable goals, eating habits and how to do it. On the site you can enter in your foods and exercises daily to help meet your goals. There are also a lot of forums and help groups as well.

According to my new fun new calorie counter , based on my lifestyle (sedentary because I still all day at my desk) and my stats below, I should eat 1,200 calories a day to lose 1-2 lbs a week. My ultimate goal weight is 129 by this summer.  Although I haven’t been losing the consistent 1-2 lbs a week, I also know that I haven’t been as dedicated to as I should be (especially with the Holiday season).  Along with eating healthy lunches, I would also encourage everyone to workout and be active as well. For example I try to walk an hour during lunch Monday through Friday, and workout for 30-45 minutes at least 4 days a week.

My first run with my best friends this past summer: a 3k at midnight

Starting Stats (October 1, 2010)
Height: 5’’3
Start Weight:  155
Goal Weight:  129

Current Stats:
Height: 5’’3
Current Weight:  145
Total pounds lost so far: 10
Big Goal Weight:  129
Mini Goal:  Weigh 143 by Valentines Day.  If I succeed I am going to buy myself some new workout pants.

I look forward to sharing my Skinny Brown Bag recipes with everyone!  I would also love to hear everyone’s comments, suggestions, ideas and questions.  What do you pack for lunch? Is it always the same thing? Is it healthy?


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