TFF | White Castle aka Colon Destroyer

 by Nick [Life Contributor]

Harold and Kumar co-starred in a movie with it. The Twin Cities has many of them… White Castle: Its what you crave. Have you ever been craving it? Does your hunger need to be filled? Well guess what, I have a place for ya. White Castle has been around for nearly 80 years. The “White Castle building” symbolize prestige, honor and class… for some odd reason… okay, fine, I’d admit it, White Castle today, is what Kentucky Fried Chicken was, back in the 90s… the 90s…

Its those mini steamed patties, placed on a tiny bun with onions and pickles to complete this mouth watery goodness. Mmmm… the smell.. the moist smell… its intoxicating. When you eat these yummy burgers, it just slides down your throat… which is probably why they called “sliders”. These “burgers” are probably the only hamburgers you never call “hamburgers”. They are always known as white castles. Confusing huh?

Now, the aftermath… White Castle has been know to upset stomachs, increase flatulence and studies are now saying that colon failure is on the rise with a White Castle Diet.

Living in St. Paul, I grew up with White Castle. It is a big part of my life. It was always a good family outing to the home of the sliders. In college, we would make trips to the Twin Cities JUST for white castle (a strip club might have been included in the voyage). It is just something that McDonalds and Burger King doesn’t understand. Mmmmm MMMMM good.

Oh, fyi, if you can make a White Castle Hot dish, you are truly a god.

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