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 By Andy [Team Editor]

If you knew your were about to die, what would be your last meal?

Whenever you throw out this popular hypothetical question, the answer will differ dramatically from each person. You’ll notice though that their answers will generally be polarized: either extremely high-end and over the top or very simple– usually something from scratch, made by some one whom they loved. The great thing about this question is that everyone thinks long and hard and is passionate about their answer.

We all eat. We all die. We all have a last meal in mind.

My Last Meal

The last meal that I would want to enjoy on this earth would be a hodge podge of memories and flavors that will pretty much sum up my life before I cross over to the hereafter. Here’s what’s on the menu.

Bologna Sandwich

Wonder bread. Mustard. American cheese. Bologna that you can usually get for 99 cents a package. It may seem simple and gross to most, but to me, this evokes such great memories of my childhood. My dad wasn’t much of a cook, but he could sling out bologna sandwiches like nobody’s business (the same thing goes for fried egg sandwiches)!

Yes my tastes have evolved, but coming in for lunch after a long morning of yard work in the summer– there’s no rather sandwich I’d rather have… Might I suggest grape Koolaid as a suitable pairing!

Food memories that will give closure to the life that we’ve lead here on earth before heading to the hereafter.

St Louis Style Ribs

Now I’m not talking about Famous Dave’s and I’m damn sure not talking about Chili’s. A full rack of St. Louis-style ribs from Jack’s Bar-B-Que in downtown Nashville. The best barbecue I’ve ever had in my life. The Wife and I ate here during our first road trip as a couple heading down to Florida. A special memory for sure.

I’ve always preferred the spare rib cut that St. Louis style uses over the traditional baby backs. There’s just more meat, which is never a bad thing (Brett Favre wishes he had that problem.. Oh snap!).

Throw in a side of collards and black-eyed peas and start the chair– I’m ready to go!

Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

Gotta do it.

One of the proudest moment’s of my culinary career was when I was finally capable of cooking a perfectly medium-rare steak. Most people may think that it’s easy, but finding that perfect between cooked and raw is truly an art form– one that took me over 5-years to even come close to say “I have the hang of it”.

As for the meat, the simpler the better. A beautiful bone-in ribeye (tomahawk, cowboy call it whatever you want, the bone adds so much flavor during the cooking process) at least 2.5 inches thick (again, insert Brett Favre joke), simply dressed with extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper. Mark it on both sides and throw her in a 350 degree oven for about 35 minutes and then you’ll have the type of steak that even vegans have wet dreams over. And screw the sauce, the marbleing of the ribeye will provide the perfect amount of flavor.

Side note: When I’m done, I might take the bone and stab a few people like Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen. I’m on my way out, may as well go out swinging!

Fresh Baked French Baguette

Few things in life as beautiful, simple, and delicious as fresh-baked bread. I must experience one last time… Preferably with some sweet Normandy butter.

Ramen Noodles


Not 100% sure why. Maybe because I’m Asian. Maybe because I was a college student once. Maybe it’s because I know the financial situation of the state and would like to save ’em a few bucks. Or it could be that Ramen are absolutely awesome!

So that’s my death row meal. A bit of everything. A little high end, a little sentimental, a little downright weird (Ramen, really?). It may be an eclectic mix, but either way– turn on the juice, fire up the chair, I’m ready to die.

I hope all of the meat I ate oozes out of my pores while I’m cooking!

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  1. They’re going to have to wait a while before you’re done with all of that.

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