MMJ | Review | La Bella Crepe

 By Amanda [Team Barista Extraordinaire]

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La Belle Crepe
825 Nicollet Mall #100
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Cuisine: Crepes and coffee
Attire: Casual
Cost of Drinks: $3
Cost of Food: $6

La Belle Crepe is closest I have ever come to seeing an actual hole-in-the-wall restaurant. It’s tough to find because the restaurant is maybe 10 feet wide and 20 feet long. The eating area is a small bar inside the restaurant and then 5 tables out in the hallway. It is connected to the skyway which is how I found it. Once you walk inside though, you don’t even notice how small the place is because the atmosphere is so big!

The room has tall vaulted ceilings which are decorated like a fancy European restaurant. There are paintings on the wall and a beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling. French music and the smell of fresh crepes fills the air. The restaurant is owned by a very kind gentleman from France who you can see working often. The other people working there are also a great bunch. The food that is served is intended to be a healthy, but fast meal. I take a more laid back approach though and spend my full lunch hour eating, drinking and reading.

There are a wide variety of crepes available in three different categories; Sweet, Savory, and Breakfast. I can’t speak for the breakfast crepes myself but I have been told by co-workers that they are quite good. The savory crepes are served like a wrap and on a salad which makes it a very healthy and quick lunch. The crepe is made of whole grains and the cheese they use is fabulous. But in my opinion, the Sweet crepe conquers all others!

The sweet crepes feature fruits and nuts and are designed to be a dessert or an entrée – which is how I eat them. My first one was the Berries & Crème which has a fresh mix of berries tucked inside a nice warm crepe with crème fraiche on top. I basically melted in my seat it was so amazing! Next I tried the Mango crepe with almond paste which was absolutely wonderful. Then I decided I needed to try the Banana crepe which came with your choice of peanut butter or Nutella – I chose the Nutella and I never looked back! The Nutella melts inside the crepe covering the bananas is chocolaty goodness. To make matters even better there is a chocolate sauce on top with powdered sugar. I basically went into a chocolate coma, and it was all good. I also tried the caramel apple which was good but as I am not a huge fan of caramel apples, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others. I have not tried the Orange Dream yet which features orange marmalade and crème fraiche. Also for dessert they feature a selection of sorbet and gelato which is quite flavorful.

There is actually a fourth category and this one is always changing; the Specials. Last time I went the special was “The Elvis.” It contains banana, bacon, honey, peanut butter, and whipped crème. It was amazing! Seriously it was so good I couldn’t believe it! All the flavors came together and balanced out quite well. It was one of the greatest things I have eaten in my entire life.

La Belle Crepe also features a wonderful list of drinks. The first is the authentic Italian Soda which they mix right there and that makes all the difference. They also have a full coffee bar which I love. They have everything from black coffee to authentic Italian Cappuccinos served with a small spoon so you can really enjoy the froth. The final drink on their list is a true delicacy – Sipping Cocoa. Sipping Cocoa is simply a small glass of warm chocolate. No milk, no sugar, no additives, no powder – just chocolate. It is so thick, rich, and smooth that you are going to think you have died and gone to heaven.

I hope this was enough to convince you to find La Belle Crepe. It is a wonderful restaurant that I hope will continue to serve wonderful food. I have also heard that soon they will be serving Panini’s which I’m sure will be consistent with their other great foods.

 Amanda is the Team Barista Extraordinaire for EDR. Perk up your week with her every Monday right here on Eat.Drink.Repeat.  

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