TFF | Fame: Nick’s Three “15 minutes” stories

 by Nick [Life Contributor]

I hear from friends and co-workers about the many famous run ins with famous people they have met. Apparently, there are many celebrities in the western suburbs of Minnesota. It makes sense because all the rich people live in this part of town. I always here of people running into Vikings players here and there. God, it would be awesome to meet a football… hell, it would be awesome to meet anyone famous. I actually have met someone famous before. In fact, I have 3 really good encounters with celebrities. Here you go, Nick’s 3 rushes with fame.

1) Christopher Titus.

I got to meet this comedian with my friends Kate and Cassie at the comedy club in the Mall of America about a year ago. I have never been to a comedy club and didn’t know what to expect. We entered right away and got the best seats in the house. I was very excited. Titus had one of the greatest shows on Television. I owned the DVD set, but was unfortunate to be unable to find it in order for him to autograph it. Luckily, after the show, I got to get his autograph and was able to purchase his DVD Stand-up special. I loved the show, it was the greatest thing ever. (Just to note, this is the only celebrity I PHYSICALLY MET. The other stories are internet encounters.)

2) King Harvest

As a musician, I like playing songs from other artists. Whether its oldies or hip hop, I play it all….especially classic rock. I am a big fan of “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest. It is a song from the 70s. I’m sure you heard it before. Anyways, Dancing in the moonlight was one of the first songs I have ever learned. After nearly 10 years of playing guitar, it is one of my best and favorite song to play. I recorded a video of me playing it and posted it on youtube. I realized people really like it, I kept getting people to view it. It wasn’t until recently when someone sent the video to the band’s youtube site page when I finally heard from the site page that they loved the video. Now, honestly, was it really them? Aren’t they all controlled by other managers and associates? I have a strong hunch however that I got a least one members of the band proud of the work I have done. I can live with that.

3) Candace Bailey

Who? Yes, Candace Bailey. This foxy host of Nickelodeon’s U-Pick live and now currently a host on G4’s Attack of the show. My original attraction with her began when she was a temp host on “Attack of the Show” when my brother’s now famous Zip It video aired on the “Around the Net” segment. She is gorgeous, there is no other way to describe her. She brings sexy along with funny to the G4 lineup. Anyways, her Nickelodeon hosting gig has led her to become a pretty good singer as shown in The Pickles’ song “Pick Me”. While it was cute and hilarious, I decided to play an acoustic version of the song. This was no easy task. I played with the chords and struggled to find the right key of the song before I was finally satisfied with the results. Through my friend Mr. Grimsrud (aka. Lordscorpion), He retweeted the video out to her and Candace actually retweeted it back. It was quite a shock. So, yes, I may not have met her, but now she has seen my video and it feels good to be noticed.

So, there… 3 experiences with celebrities. So, yes, they weren’t necessarily giving me my own “15 minutes of fame”, but each experience has really made me appreciate the life I live and the fortunate opportunities I have came across. Along with my own natural talent and more confidence, I am hoping that these events are not the last times that I get to run in with celebrities again. Maybe a Hollywood trip is in order?

Live, Life, Love, Strippers


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  1. This story DOES continue with a 4th celebrity. After posting the video for Candace on youtube, the writer of the song: Sean Altman complimented on the video…. I’ll give you a hint on who this guy is….. “Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego!”. Yes, Former Rockapella song writer Sean Altman commented on the youtube video. I can’t ask for anything better.

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