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  by Ann Marie [Guest Contributor from Eat Cook Read]

I’ll just start off by saying that having an interesting and tasty food blog while shooting towards a weight loss goal is counterintuitive in nature. It’s like giving an alcoholic a bartending job…

These cards never get old...

I’m Jen’s sister, Ann Marie, and I volunteered to do a post for her about the weight loss goal that I have, how I currently handle lunches, what I have been finding helpful, and some of my favorite sites and tools to help.

Me at X-mas with my present from Jen. "Soup Bible"...she knows me ALL too well!


 I’ll admit it openly what my issue is. In the winter I look forward to 12:30 lunchtime and getting home to my warm Steelers tie blanket after my commute and that is about it. No walks outside, no jogging outside, and I wouldn’t even think about rolling down my car window.

Snuggly Spot at Home and I don't want to hear it about how I tied this inside out...I know.


Living in Minnesota in the winter quite frankly sucks unless you’re gunning to live in a city known with the US’s lowest population of homeless people. (Please mind that I just made this statistic up… while I know that we have the 2nd gayest city in the US I have no clue about the hobo’s…but I do know that it’s cold as sh*t here and they hibernate somewhere else in the winter.)

Tent City, Las Vegas: Minneapolis Homeless People's Winter Getaway

And I swear that working out in the winter is some kind of experimental Chinese torture. *Insert sarcastic voice here and continue reading* I can’t wait to go to Lifetime Fitness! Let’s all tailgate each other through the snow while dodging executive level pricks in their BMW’s through the parking lot where I continue to drive around 20 minutes just to find a spot, only to feel fat next to all of the stay at home moms that consider “Step Aerobics” or “Dance Jam” to be the meaningful portion of their life! PS: Buy a crappy and gritty $5 shake on the way out!!

Crazy gym cougars...


Without me punching someone’s car window in, there has to be some other solution to help me get to my goal to lose 10 pounds before Cabo (March 5th) which brought me to healthy eating and “The Skinny Brown Bag Series: Volume 3”.  Admittedly, I have not been very good lately about planning my meals and as Jen mentioned in an earlier post it really is ALL about planning and preparation. Here are some of the best tips that I’ve found to be helpful for me (who works 9AM-6PM at a desk job).

Make a plan but give yourself a backup. Put aside time on Sunday to plan what you’ll be having for the week and it will save you money, stress, and pounds. BUT you should have a couple of Lean Cuisines or something on hand to grab so that you don’t completely bomb out if you forget to make lunch or don’t have time.

Get creative with your lunches (or you will probably fail). Well, I do have a friend that told me he eats the same meal for lunch and dinner every single day and he’s lost 35+ pounds so I could be wrong, but, I know that I couldn’t do it.

Drink lots of water. I have a post that I’ll be writing about this, but, I have a favorite cup (my Starbucks straw cup) that I try to drink at least 3 of a day). If you are hydrated you will feel less hungry, I promise.

I love these things!


Let people around you know that you can’t eat out or make them promise that they’ll pressure you into eating a terrible side salad if you do go out. It sucks, but, if the people that you work with know about your goals they are usually really supportive and will help to keep you on track.

Put up a reminder of your goal. Put it at your computer desk, put it on your fridge, put it on somewhere that you’ll be forced to think about it and you’ll be less tempted to make dumb decisions. (Mine will be a picture of me from Spring Break 1 million years ago and a swimsuit cover that I hung up where I get ready each morning.)

That’s me 1,000 years ago on Spring Break.


Here are some favorite lunch tools and sites:

Bento Box: Oh.My.Cute.  These little boxes have multiple compartments and their lunch idea menu is endless!  I don’t currently have one but it will be going onto the Valentine’s Day list. Technically you could do the same thing with Tupperware but it’s not nearly as cool. Admit it.

Who needs puppies when you have these cute little things?!



Rachel Ray Veggie Totes. If those don’t make you want to bring your lunch there is something wrong with you!

Bah! How adorable is that little artichoke??!!


Calorie Smart Calorie Calculator. I have a crappy flip phone that doesn’t have the internet so this is what works for me. It’s $60 and has 50,000+ foods with LOTS of brands, chain restaurants, ect to choose from and you don’t have to worry about getting it into the computer when you get home. You can also check calories before you order something (which I think is huge). 

Keeps track of me in case I even THINK about straying from the good side.


With all of that, I’ll leave you back to my extremely talented and much more optimistic and cheery sister, Jen ; )

BUT, if you are sarcastic and found this slightly dark and cynical post at least mildly interesting…find more about me and my blog at !

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  1. awesome–I love this! come back and write again! 🙂 – from betsy (vino vednesday)

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