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 By Amanda [Team Barista Extraordinaire]

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I’m a coffee snob, I’ll admit it. I take pride in being able to tell you all about my high priced, organic, shade grown, fair trade coffee’s brightness, flavor tones, and more. I will also admit though, that I drink gas station cappuccinos. I can’t keep this secret any longer.

Gas station coffee is good – when you’re in a hurry. There is no comparing it to the higher end coffee, but when you need a pick me up and are running low on cash and time, this is a good place to turn! I don’t really like their regular coffee, so I go for the “cappuccino” machine. These are in no way real cappuccinos. They bear a slight resemblance since they both have caffeine, but that is about it. They are however, still quite tasty. I love all the flavors and the fact that you can mix them up on your own! Yes, I am the person that mixes all the different pops together at the soda fountain.

I also like fast food coffee. McDonald’s will make a pretty good mocha – and they even let you customize it a little. If I need black coffee though I’m heading to Burger King where they serve “Seattle’s Best” and it is actually one of the best cups of coffee even compared to Caribou or Starbucks. If you prefer a stronger cup of coffee though head to McDonald’s. It has a brighter flavor while Burger King has a more mellow taste.

So don’t feel shame when buying a quick cup of joe. Isn’t it all about the caffeine anyways?

Amanda is the Team Barista Extraordinaire for EDR. Perk up your week with her every Monday right here on Eat.Drink.Repeat.  


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