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 By Andy [Team Editor]   

I love Meryl Streep.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about The Devil Wears Prada. …Or Sophie’s Choice. Or The Bridges of Madison County for that matter and DEFINITLY not Mamma Mia!. Basically I only love The Streep in roles that revolve around or loosely associate with food. She was absolutely delightful portraying one of my idols in Julie & Julia and quite entertaining as a pastry shop owner/divorcee stuck in a love triangle between Jack Donaghy and the guy from Father of the Bride is It’s Complicated.

Essentially, if you take an extreme talent whom has pride for what they do and add food to it, you have an unbeatable combination. It’s the same reason why The Wife and I have introduced donut holes and hot coffee into our codice routine. I have never felt so alive.


To be honest, I tuned out most of Amy Adams parts of the movie. Streep was so captivating as Julia Child as she cooked for her troll of a husband Stanley Tucci. She was so heartwarming and endearing– kinda like Flom! 


Premise of this scene: Streep and Steve Martin are on a first date to her son’s college graduation party. Get stoned for the eff of it. Go to her bakery and bake chocolate croissants. Jealous.


Even her caricatures can cook. Here’s a video of SNL’s Abby Elliott (and Nickasun favorite) portraying Streep as she brings home the Oscar for Best Hummus


Bottomline, I have great admiration and respect for The Streep– and even more so when it comes to her work with food. Perhaps she should have her own show on Food Network and finally kick that abomination Sandra Lee to the curb!



 Andy is the Founder/Editor of Team EDR. His random collection of rants, tall tales, and misinformed opinions appear in the Saturday Editorial, right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat.

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