TFF | Go West: The Asuncion and Benson Story

 by Nick [Life Contributor]


Well ladies of Plymouth, MN… there are two very handsome and very attractive NON-GAY men living in the area and we are ready to pounce!

In order to end my long distance commute and to get out of my relatives’ homes, moving to Plymouth seemed like the only logical thing to do. Sure, I love the Roseville area, but who likes losing an hour of their life waiting in traffic in the morning? I’m not a violent or angry person (unless you talk about my ex-wife), but I’ve gotten pretty aggressive since I started commuting to work. I’ve wasted tons of money on gas during the months of November and December when I should be investing into the strip club. Why am I throwing money away because I’m more familiar with St. Paul? It’s a time for a change. I’m sick of the same surroundings. I need a new start. It was time to leave the Eastern Suburbs.

My original plan was get a one bedroom or studio apartment near work. I figured it would be best living alone. I want to regain my independence. While researching, I learned that living with someone would be more economically convenient. But honestly, how could I find someone to live with? What if it is some complete stranger who I can’t trust to pay the bills? Luckily, I knew a friend who was looking to move out to the western suburbs as well. Not only was he a good friend, but someone I could trust with bills and responsibility. Mr. Benson has been friends with my college buddies for quite awhile and I have now grown to call him a friend of my own. Benson graduated Winona State around the same time I did. He has been working for quite a while and is making some decent money…. enough to be able to count on him for his half of the rent. We both wanted to shorten our commutes. It just seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Now, the location. There are hundreds of apartments available in the Twin Cities. How to choose? Obviously, location within the Plymouth/Minnetonka area was the top priority…. along with price. We created a list of some general “wants” for an apartment and entered them as criteria on an apartment search engine website… The list popped out many good listings. We had nearly a dozen locations picked out and picked a weekend to view them all. After careful planning, we settled onto Parker’s Lake Apartments. This community had one of the best prices for rent and it was a great location for both our works.

January 1st was the move in date. With the help of my family, I got all my things into the apartment with no trouble at all. With the help of friends, I got my room settled and situated. I’m very content with our choice of apartments. Now a month later, our little place finally feels like a home. With the furniture purchased, I feel that this place is completing the emptiness my life had. So far, we have had no real big trouble living here. Sure, I could complain about drafty windows and an older than fuck washer and dryer, but those things are just little things compared to the overall comfort of our home. Living on my own is rebuilding the strengths of the skills I have once had, such as cooking and being organized. Maintaining responsibility is my favorite part about this situation. Only being responsible, can I maintain living here. This isn’t just a college dorm anymore, This is real life. It is time to grow up or to give up…. I will not accept “giving up” as an option for me anymore. There are some sacrifices given in order to staying here. I can’t afford the luxuries of my past life like before… but it creates new goals to reach for.

With friends visiting every weekend so far, real life has finally made sense and is now enjoyable. Time to start living.

Happiness is where the heart is… or where the home is.

Live, Life, Love, Strippers.


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