SE | Cold/Possibly Mono Edition

 By Andy [Team Editor]   

Hey everyone! Since I’ve spent most of this week on a steady diet of vitamin C pills, chicken noodle soup, and NyQuil, I didn’t feel like I had the time to do the ribeye article justice… Also I didn’t want to.

So in lieu of a shitty, non-sensical article about the 2nd best cut of steak- here’s a couple image results if you Google “sexy food” and a list of the Top 5 Greatest Food Fights of all Time!

Do I dare ask for a super size?


Why Nick quit the bakery?

I have always found oysters sexual. Still don't know if it's the moist, aliveness of it or the Tabasco.

Tomahawk ribeye steak... Sex


If the No. 1 video was anything but Animal House, the internet would be burned to the ground.

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