The Pleasure diet: creating a lifestyle filled with savory food and a thinner waistline

 by jen sweet [Travels in Cooking]  

Worlds best bruschetta, recipe to come!

Why the pleasure diet works!

That’s right, I said pleasure and diet in the same sentence. It’s the diet I’ve been on for years, however it has become more of a lifestyle than a diet, which is why I’ve been able to keep off the 60 lbs. Small changes and tweaks throughout the past 6 years have enabled me to keep off the excess weight, yet still cook and eat the food I love.

I love cooking food and I love eating. I just love food! Sometimes loving food can be a problem when you are trying to lose weight, however I have found a way to still love food and lose weight. Who knew right?

When I first started my weight loss journey back in 2003, I simply started working out and being more conscious of what I ate. There was no science and there was no secret, I just started being healthier and I lost the weight.  I’ve been happy that I have kept off all the weight these years but in the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to lose more. I’ve tried over the years to lose more weight, I couldn’t seem to dip below 150, that is until Calorie Counting.

Calorie Counting: my pleasure diet

That’s right, the secret’s out my pleasure diet is calorie counting! If you would have ever told me that calorie counting is this easy, fun and successful I would have done it years ago. Previously when I heard the words calorie counting, they always seemed scary to me. Jen is scared no longer, in fact I get excited and go on a rant if I get in a discussion about it.

We all know that many people have found weight watchers successful and I’m sure everyone reading knows at least one person that has successfully lost weight using the program. Although I have never joined weight watchers, from what I’ve been told I think it’s a great program.  They teach you how to eat right and maintain a lifestyle that works for you, which I think it quite amazing!  Essentially, weight watchers counts calories, but if you need an in person support system I think this is such a great resource.

Jen enjoying some home cooked amazingness: Texas Caviar  

Calorie Count (by

What about all those gals and guys out there that don’t have money and time to commit to weight watchers? The answer is simple, fun and best all of all: FREE!!!  Calorie Count (by in my opinion is the best tool out there for anyone loosing weight.

Calorie Count is such an excellent tool that does the math calculations for you, so all you need to do is follow by the rules. Not that following the rules is easy, but I think establishing how to lose weight is the hardest step for most people, including myself. All I did was create an account, enter in all my information, such as weight, height, wrist size and lifestyle. Calorie Count then gives you a number of calories that it recommends not to exceed each day. My favorite part about calorie count is that you don’t have to eat specific foods or cut anything completely out of your diet, just keep it in moderation.  For me I sometimes give up my rice or potato for a glass of wine or chocolate. It’s amazing how much more fun a glass of wine after a stressful day at work is much more satisfying than rice.

I have seen amazing results with calorie counting, and I’ve created a fun lifestyle (not a diet) with portion sizes and foods around what works best for me.

Why I think you should join Calorie Count:
  1. It’s FREE!!
  2. Easy
  3. Fun
  4. Takes only 5-10 minutes to enter in your info each day
  5. Calorie Count iPhone, android and blackberry apps so you can enter food on the go
  6. Many support forums


 Jen is a home chef and writer of the recipe blog Travels in Cooking. Catch her Sunday Suppers dinner ideas every week right here at Eat.Drink.Repeat.

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