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 By Amanda [Team Barista Extraordinaire]

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I recently joined the corporate world doing a job I was made for – administrative assistant.  I love my job, but it definitely requires a cup of coffee every morning because you are constantly on your toes.  My 8:30 coffee run has become quite the ritual and I don’t know what I would do without it.  I almost always make this coffee run with a coworker – which got me thinking about the social side effects of coffee. 

Coffee is the perfect drink to get while chatting.  You’re expecting an energy buzz from the caffeine so you’re already feeling better, and then add in the fact that you’re socializing and boom!  Winning.  Your day has significantly improved before you even took the first sip. 

The act of getting the coffee is soothing to many in the corporate world I’ve found.  It is a chance to slip away from the desk for a moment and collect your thoughts – whether about work or home.  I like to get coffee because it makes me think through my day while not working on something else – multitasking doesn’t always work best.  Getting coffee also makes you physically move around, unless of course your coffee is just in the other room.  I highly recommend going outside your office for a cup of Joe once in a while – it will do you wonders!

 Some of us though, don’t always have someone to get a cup of coffee with.  Well do not fear!  It just so happens that coffee houses are usually more sociable than the local bar!  I have struck up so many random conversations in a coffee house and I absolutely loved every one of them.  One morning I was preparing for an interview and some random guy in a suit asked me what I was doing and it just so happened that he worked in the same industry so he was able to give me some pointers.  As a barista I’ve been given the chance to hear so many interesting stories.

I guess what I’m trying to get to is that you should go out and socialize – and if you need some liquid courage, try coffee.  When you’re hopped up on caffeine rather than liquor, you’re less likely to make an ass of yourself.

 Amanda is the Team Barista Extraordinaire for EDR. Perk up your week with her every Monday right here on Eat.Drink.Repeat.  

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